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    As I was finishing a comment just now I had a thought:

    The one thing I hated the most about online schooling (I got my GD degree online) was that I was required to write two constructive comments for different students on every assignment.

    I would often repeat myself and just throw in filler words and sentences to meet this requirement. "I like the color. Looks great!"

    But now, I find myself putting thought into my forum comments and really trying to help others (when I know what I am talking about).

    Funny how this forum is almost identical to my online school commenting system, but yet when I was required to post comments in school I hated it.

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    You've matured as a professional. You see it here too when students post about their projects. Many of them put forth as little effort as possible to barely meet the requirements of the assignment. Now picture yourself in that situation today, and how your matured standards would respond to such assignments. There are many cases of education wasted on the young.
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      Power without responsibility . . .
      Time flies like an arrow - fruit flies like a banana


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        I've noticed the same thing with the radio too lol.

        I used to not like talk radio; especially on my morning drives to work. Now I much prefer talk radio over music and often change the channel till I find someone talking.


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          In high school, I mostly just screwed around, skipped classes, hung out with friends and rarely did any homework. I ended up with mostly Cs, Ds and flunked out of a whole lot of classes. I only managed to graduate after a school counselor pulled some strings after I made promises to him about enrolling in the local community college. While there, I began taking school seriously and enjoying the challenges. I eventually ended up in graduate school at a university. I had become the opposite of that high school kid -- a nerdy overachiever.

          Who knows why these things happen? I suppose it has something to do with maturity, finding one's path in life, developing self-confidence and realizing the growth and competency that ensues.






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