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    Distress Signal: I need someone to direct me to the thread(s) that might give me something to work for the written portion of how the GDF Calendar project got started.

    I have the Save Ana website bookmarked and can get some info from there, but I am really struggling with finding how the idea for the calendar came about. I'm looking for the beginning thoughts of this. Who was involved, when, (I know the why, but not the connection), what was discussed, etc. Basically, I'm researching from a human interest viewpoint to hopefullly grab the attention and interest of potential owners. I may not use it all but it helps me get the feel of what happened. If there is no particular thread on this, can someone give me some background info?

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    Well, since I guess you could say I started all this's the link
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      Thanks. That helps a to go onto the maze of threads!


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        Tea - I am PM'ing you. Let's work on this together initially.


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          Great stuff guys. Glad you are getting the ball rolling on this! Much love
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            Hi Sangbomb and Christadesigner and welcome to GDF.

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            Hey, not sure if this answer is going through but I'll give it a try anyway. I didn't study anything design related previously and I was unhappy with it.
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            Why did you quit your studies? I don't know what it's like in Germany, but in the U.S. it is almost impossible to get a graphic design job without a degree.
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            Welcome Gonro

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            Thanks for the reply, I'm afraid you have a point and no I can't pay anyone I don't want it to be this kind of relationship. I don't understand your second input very well though (sorry my english isn't...
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