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Me miff Meffy. Anyone else?

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    We can send you some bacon. Bacon always helps.
    Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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      I can add a smidge of sparkle and a drop of sunshine to the bacon if that will help
      Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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        I would get my quartet and sing you a right proper oldie, Ms. Meffy.


        You're as welcome as the flowers in May,
        And we greet you in the same old way.
        We've been waiting for you day by day.
        You're as welcome as the flowers in May.

        When we talked of happy days of yore

        and the day that you left our home heart-sore.
        Our thoughts were many miles away.
        We hoped Ms. Meffy would come back to stay.

        You're as welcome as the flowers in May
        And we greet you in the same old way,
        What a sight for these old eyes
        And we hope you realize
        You're as welcome as the flowers...
        in May.

        I love May. Such a month.


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          See? It took MY post to get Meffy back. Damn I'm good!

          Delightful to have you back Meffy old girl!
          "I love deadlines. I love the 'whooshing' sound they make when they go by." - Doug Adams


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            Glad you're back Meffy! Thinking positive thoughts for you.
            "It's not that I don't want to trust people. It's that they give me reasons not to." ~ Me


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              Sending *good ju-ju* to you, Miff Meffy!
              Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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                Here's some more good ju-ju for Meffers.

                "I love deadlines. I love the 'whooshing' sound they make when they go by." - Doug Adams






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