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    Originally posted by hank_scorpio View Post
    Everyone. Single. One.

    Part of the reason I no longer watch actual television.

    I download the shows I want to watch (paid account) and watch them at my leisure. I have no television in my house (due to absurd TV license fee which lines the pockets of the TV station execs, presenters and show creators) IN all honesty if you saw Irish TV you wouldn't want to pay for it either.

    So, no TV = no adverts. Also = me not paying some snobby bloke from a wealthy background getting paid €500k a year (YES that much) to be on telly talking shite.

    I like the fact I have a large monitor, computer hooked up to it. And just watch what I want.

    Most shows are available via Youtube anyway - if I get stuck for something to watch.
    We don't have television anymore either, we do netflix or download whatever movie we want to watch. So yay for no commercials!
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      I don't get too many commercial not having cable any more ... but HULU and the network sites still run commercials through the show. As soon as I saw this title that mother daughter atrocity came to mind. It drives me batty. They show it constantly!
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        kool i was talking about that commercial last week with my GF. i forget what show we were watching but that commercial came on EVERY break. i will not buy a razor just for that reason. they did get me to remember the product though.......

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          Originally posted by Virgo Nightingale View Post
          K-A-R-S Kars 4 Kids
          Donate your car today!
          I can 'name that tune' in 3 notes and diver for the radio button to change it. Otherwise it would be stuck in my head for hours. Thanks for that by the way.

          I actually like the Weeee pig commercials. On TV (saw them during football season). On the radio they are annoying.


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            3 notes PD? Pfft. I recognize it before the first note is finished. I don't get to change it though, as it's on the office radio. I generally get to hear it about 4 times a day.
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              Time enough to stick fingers in ears and go "Lalalalala"


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                Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                  Three or four years ago I realized that I hadn't turned on the television for a long, long time. I think my television watching just lessened over time until, at some point or another, it just stopped. If there's a program that I hear is good, like Mad Men or Breaking Bad, I'll download it from iTunes or rent it from Netflix.

                  Consequently, I never see television commercials. I don't miss them, of course, but it leaves me with an increasingly large gap in my knowledge of current popular culture. Being a designer, I'm worried that it might not be good to lose touch with these sorts of things.


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                    ^ I'm exactly in the same tidy bowl <b>. I have no clue about any of the ads mentioned in this thread so far, but at work meetings it's a source of a big gap. Likewise TV shows beyond a small group, and/or BBC productions.

                    Friday afternoon I was making a rather impassioned argument against some video casting ideas for a series of 'reality' promo videos that were being discussed and at one point someone says, "You know, like 'Friends'" and to expediate my argument I just said, "I don't know because I've never watched that show". Which, of course, is followed by an almost freakily instant silence in the room.

                    I find that having a TV vocabulary might get you into harmony with more people in the room with certain topics, but TV ignorance also makes you that much more aware of the depth of the cognitive bias people develop as fans of any particular show or series. A bias that seems to instill a kind of blindness to the fact that any great show requires a ton of work and resources and were most likely made by people thinking way beyond the 'it would sort of be like this show' creative mentality.


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                      I found the weeping/sobbing, mother/daughter one quite funny. But, I understood them and will say I know for a fact, I've only seen it twice. Anything that keeps repeating is annoying.

                      I too seem to watch less tv and more than commercials which I can mute or walk away from (I mostly DVR the shows I want to watch) is those damn station I.D.s or "coming on next" banners that take up the screen real estate. More than once I will watch something where they have subtitles below and yep...they cover them up. I know what's coming on next, I know what station I'm watching...grrrr.

                      I too have missed shows that I have no reference to draw from. One is SNL. I used to work nights waiting tables and DVR and even VCR's were not part of the program for me then.


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                        I know what you mean <b>. There might actually be two or three programs we watch somewhat regularly. Usually it's a sporting event, a movie, or BBC America. The rest is warmed over dreck.
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                          Subway $5 Footlong commercials. Annoying as hell on the radio.
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                            I hate all commercials on Bell TV (Canadian satalite company).

                            I hate them because there are apparently only 3 of them, which play on a single loop during EVERY commmercial break. I'm not talking about 3 commercials FOR Bell TV, I'm talking about 3 commercials total ON Bell TV. It is rediculously annoying.

                            If I'm especially lucky, I'll get the exact same commercial played twice during the SAME COMMERCIAL BREAK!

                            Thankfully I have 4 tvs hooked up to PVRs (DVRs in the U.S.), so I rarely watch live tv.


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                              Originally posted by Lith View Post
                              That reminds me. That car commercial where the family starts singing "Crazy Train." Sharon Osbourne must be stopped.

                              But nothing beats a local dealership commercial, at least in the south. Here there's this one jerk that sings 8675309 and replaces it with his number... and they always gotta show their kids dressed up as princesses shooting glitter at the giant red text with a blue stroke around it...


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                                Wow. ABC "Duets" commercial just totally ripped off the Apple "1984" commercial. o_O

                                Woman in track shorts ran in with a mic stand to throw it at the screen. VO talked about how this would be different from any other singing competition.
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