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  • Email: Dear client, attached is the PowerPoint slide set you asked me to design. Please note that there is no pie chart on slide two because you did not send any data with which to create a chart. Please send me current numbers so I can complete your presentation.

    Response: This looks great!!! Please add the pie chart to slide two and it'll be ready to go.

    *headdesk headdesk headdesk*
    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


    • Email from coworker: "I need logos for Facility 1, Facility 2 and Facility 3, but can't find them. Please send them to me."

      My reply: "All official logos can be found here (link included). If you cannot find a logo you're looking for, it should not be used. Facility 1 and Facility 2 are no longer within our scope. Thank you."

      His reply: "I did some more digging and a guy in Finance sent me this." Includes a PPT slide with ten-year old logos from all three facilities.

      My reply, copying in the manager of our creative department: "Please use the website. Do not go to Finance for logos."

      Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


      • When a client tries to negotiate a 30% discount on a rush job, then tells you they'd like you to come on location shots with them to Miami and Singapore.


        • Just finished a Freelance job for a little company, they are very happy with my work, and one of the clients wants to continue working with me in another project.

          Client: So, I'd like a logo.
          Me: Ok. (tells usual logo fee, which is not expensive at all).
          Cliente: oooohhh that much? Why though? Why are logos so expensive? Why do you charge SOOO much for a logo? -says the client, wide eyed-
          I try my best not to eyeroll and sigh in frustration, but give a very dishonest smile.
          Me: Because... I am good, like really good.
          Client: This logo cost me half the price. - points at the logo, he just said he didnt like, and wanted me to also re design-

          What really annoyed me thought, after all that, I was stupid enough to offer him a significant discount on the logo but considering he asked for a complete campaign. He, OF COURSE, ended up only paying for the logo, and making the dissapear act. Thank God I, despite my clear show of stupidity, had the sense to at least ask an advance for the value of the logo.
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          • KitchWitch
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            Valid complaint, and the client may have balked no matter what you said. However, if I went to a mechanic and asked why my repairs would be so expensive and he/she said, ''Because I'm really good,'' I'd walk. You need to be able to sell your business. Explain the importance of a quality logo. If nothing else, explain that by going to a professional and getting proper vector art in proper file formats, you'll be saving them big money down the line on printing.

          • Possumgal
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            People don't understand that a logo is not like any other business piece. It represents the company, and will continue to do so for a long time and in many ways, whether on mailings, billboards, business cards, vehicle wraps, TV ads, and so on. It's the face of the business, and if done well, is very valuable.





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          Hi Tamac and welcome to GDF.

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