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    Is it bad that I like a lot of stuff like that? Lol.


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      I have been unaware of the "hipster" thing too until recently. I have seen some decent "retro" looks, but while this is hilarious, it is hard to believe that this kind of crappy design has really taken off.


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        Suddenly, thread necromancy!

        I think the "hipster look" is being replaced with "geometric shapes on a landscape photo with saturated color":

        "You have no friends, you have no enemies, you only have teachers."


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          I don't think it's possible to confuse hipsterism with Instagramity.


          • Voltimand
            Voltimand commented
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            Does Instagram let you put vector graphics on your photos now?

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          Well i think that this trend has finally reached self awareness


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            What trend is that? The thread is on hipsterness...

            As for that logo site, are you spamming it?
            Personally, I can't wait to see these raster logos start popping up.
            From their FAQ:

            What is the resolution of my logo?

            The maximum size of our designs are 2000x2000 and are provided at 300 dpi.
            What files do I get?

            All of the files we provide are 300 dpi .png, - meaning that they are ready for print and any local shop should know how to work with them.

            Of course you can pay extra to have your logo enlarged with "more resolution"
            You can also pay extra to get a vecortized .eps.
            Or you can pay extra to have me do it when you submit the wrong format and need your product tomorrow.

            While sites like this may well keep me employed for several years to come (my job is dealing with such exercises in the law of GIGO,) as I've said elsewhere, I cannot retire soon enough to get off this train wreck.
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            • Fd.ini
              Fd.ini commented
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              No definitely not spamming it. That's why i put the news site rather than the actual website.
              I was saying to a friend of mine at least it will hold off some of the awful clients that want this kind of thing for a while, and we'll just have to re-vector them, rather than have the headache of constant revisions.

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            Love their "Terms of Service"
            I can't see anything that conveys ownership to the purchaser and lots of threats for removal of "End Product."
            I wouldn't even consider using a service that uses unvetted third party elements and leaves it up to the end user to do their own "due diligence." Plus that whole Indemnify and Defend thing. If they don't stand behind their product, why should the user have to pay to defend them in court?

            And I thought crowdsourcing was silly.


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              Hahah, not only funny but well presented.


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                I like this topic. 'Hipster' logos have really helped round me out as a designer I think. For a while, I really liked seeing these elements (vintage fonts, banners, badges, certain icon styles), put together in these ways. Sometimes I still do. Sometimes it works.

                But, the more I saw them, and the more I saw them abused (put together with awkward spacing, no attention to visual balance, used when irrelevant to their brand), the more I thought "Hmm. Well. Now I know, and have seen both when these things are and are not appropriate." As a self(internet)-taught designer, this is a monumental realization to make and applies to more than 'hipster' design but the idea of design trends. They're here to be learned from, they're absolutely going to get used to hell, but in the end - the good work will survive, and the bad will eventually get redone with the next trendy treatment.


                • Kool
                  Kool commented
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                  You'll find that this happens to every trend. First it is fresh and new and cool, then it becomes common and over used and finally ends up becoming a parody of itself.

                  Just be glad you didn't have to go through the whole grunge thing back in the late 90s early 2000s LOL

                • Evan Molina
                  Evan Molina commented
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                  Oh gosh. I hadn't even thought of that. I think I just barely hit the hind end of it when my interest in design began and I was doing crappy t shirts for my friend's bands and the like! (Very little in my head other than "this looks cool, let's put it on something.")

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                Handy hipster logo reference/inspiration source ...







                Incredible Stock

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