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I wish places would stop improving things...

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  • I wish places would stop improving things...

    It seems like the last few months all I'm doing is suffering through supposed improvements. First there was the forum upgrade. Nothing more needs to be said about that. Then there was the horror of my first experience with Windows 8. Mrs Kool got a new laptop and I was in charge of getting it all set up for her. What a nightmare. I knew I was really in trouble when I had to consult the Googe just to find out how to turn the damn thing off.

    Then I got a notice from my bank that they were completely re-doing their website. It was going to improve my life in every way, yea right. It sucked big time, doesn't work half of the time and when it does it takes twice as long as before to do anything. Then they decided to outsource the whole section that deals with my Visa card. No longer can I simply transfer my payment straight from my checking account. Now I have to actually set up a bill pay just to pay it. Speaking of Bill pay, this was the only part of the new website that actually worked well. So they decided to outsource that too and the new bill pay is a nightmare in which I'm never sure that any bill is actually getting paid.

    Every one of these changes was supposed to be a huge improvement and every one of them has been just the opposite.

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    the idea of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" seems to be lost these days. It's sad and completely unnecessary, and frustrating as hell!

    Audi also got a new laptop recently, with windoze 8, and had the same problem...had to google how to do the simplest of tasks. I've used her laptop a couple times since, and absolutely hated it!
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    • Kool
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      It seems like the definition of upgrade/improvement nowadays is move everything around to a different place and if it used to take three steps make sure it now takes six.

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    Hope you don't have to sign up for health care? I hear that's a nightmare right now too. A guy from Sophos (internet networking and security) was on the radio suggesting letting others find the bugs before trying. At least a couple of weeks.

    And the NSA is having a bad computer day in the brand new facility out Utah too. Literal meltdowns of computer equipment described as "a flash of lightning in a 2-foot box." Ten "surges" so far, costing about $100,000 each in damage.
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    • Kool
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      No thank god, hopefully they will have all the bugs out of it before I have to mess with it.

    • Possumgal
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      Our state's site had so many bugs it's down. Good thing we have a while before the deadline.

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    lmao Kool ... not funny ... but you make it humorous to read

    As for the healthcare thing I finally got on the site and gave it a shot ... you aren't really signing up ... but you have to log in to see what you qualify for. After 20 minutes of entering info ... I was told my information didn't match so they can't quote me any prices and they would have to send me a letter..... lol ............. match what? I am the one who put in the info and as far as I know I am still me!

    .... so yeah I guess I wait a while before trying it again
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    • Possumgal
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      If you are not you, who is? Can't be another RKK running around.

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    We had to replace my husband's computer last night and ended up with one running WIndows 8 as well. It's a nightmare. He thought the whole app look was cool until he tried to actually use it. We had to phone a friend to figure out how to shut it down. And it came pre-loaded with some crap antivirus program that did nothing to catch the virus that downloaded when he grabbed Chrome as his browser. So he spent the evening trying to get the virus off his system, because we couldn't find the utility that would do a restore to factory settings.

    Good news is Windows 8.1 will be out next week and will be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users. It adds the 'older' look back in, because they've had so many complaints about this new charm/app thing. Silver lining, maybe.
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      When I first saw Windows 8 (or actually before it when I saw their "Metro" interface), I was starting to think that Microsoft had finally figured out how to make their complicated, non-intuitive user interfaces better. After using it, though, I decided that the company still doesn't get user interface design. Instead of making a genuinely usable product, they've just made an awkward and ungainly user experience pretty.

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    The moral of the story, complain when you can. They will hear you. P.S. Also dish out compliments when things genuinely please you.
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      Lots of sites and programs seem to get a facelift after a couple months, don't they? Interface designers need food too, I suppose. XD

      When will the improve the things that really matter, like decreasing the cost of rent or the amount of spam I get in my mail?
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