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When pro-bono work leads to paid work

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  • When pro-bono work leads to paid work

    I do pro-bono design for charities on a regular basis and recently did my first infographic pro-bono. It was a great learning curve and while I didn't get paid, it was rewarding to learn a new skill as well as help out a charity.

    Today one of my existing clients saw that piece and has just requested a quote for something similar.

    Sometimes it is good to take on pro-bono requests purely for experience. Especially if it is for something you have never done before. If you do a good job and can show it off in your portfolio, who knows, it might lead to paid work.


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    Good for you, Buda! I find that one good deed usually brings in paying business, usually over and above the amount I gave away. Perhaps it's the benefit of living in a small town.


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      That's awesome Buda
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        pro-bono work is great for GD because you get exposure for your work. There are many fields where pro-bono doesn't go much farther than adding it to your resume, if your lucky a portfolio.

        Have you ever found that you've gotten referrals, and paid gigs out of that work? Not just someone saw a sample and decided to hire you.

        Good job Buda.


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          I've had pro bono work morph into paid work a few times before. Some of the instances netted a large project from a small pro bono piece.

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        Good on you mate! like the saying goes.. 'What goes around comes around'


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          That's awesome, Buda! Congrats!!

          I've had a similar experience with some posters I designed for a local nonprofit's event. It landed me similar work for other groups who saw the poster. lol, but don't be surprised if the others ask if you'll do it pro bono for them too. "Sorry, that was a special circumstance (canned smile)."

          The same is true for other work. I sometimes provide a free custom pet portrait for silent auctions - the exposure has gotten me several commissioned pieces.
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