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Best Sell Ever! (Part Rant)

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  • Best Sell Ever! (Part Rant)

    It sure is nice when a web host helps you sell your client on the idea of transferring their hosting to a new web host!

    I have a client who has been with Godaddy for years. I absolutely hate working on sites with Godaddy. Horrible dashboard, slow file manager, and things like setting up a subdomain happen instantaneously on most hosting, but can take hours sometimes on Godaddy, etc.

    So I told my client that there are all kinds of benefits to switching to a panel host, and suggested a few. The sell came a few days later when all of a sudden their Godaddy shared server suddenly stopped sending through form emails to them as well as conformations to their customers. I contacted Godaddy support for them, and the tech told me rather calmly, "Yes we have been aware of the situation since yesterday, and are working to resolve it." I told him it was contact form emails that were not going through, and he said yes he could see that the send mail / php mail was getting stuck in the queue and not getting sent out, but it should be resolved soon. About 36 hours later the form mails did start getting sent through again, but none of the test form submissions I had made before came through.

    Twelve, yes 12, days go by and all of a sudden they get a mass of customer emails from their contact forms from during that blackout period. My client was already having me make the switch and move the site, but talk about really sealing the deal! Thanks Godaddy! My client was understandably very upset that potential customers had not received a response in 12 days because they had not gotten the requests. Add to that, according to a reverse ip check there are 999 other sites hosted on that same Godaddy server, which is way to many for one shared server. So nearly 1000 Godaddy customers were likely also left hanging for much of that time too.

    Humm... Maybe I should send an email to all the owners of those other sites, and see if I can get them to switch.

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    So awesome when that happens! (not the 12 days part... the bye bye lame vendor part)
    Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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      Ha, that's perfect LOL






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