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  • ohhhh clients....

    Client: I need a holiday invitation for an event in December, something winter-y
    Designer: Send me the info I'll put it into my schedule
    Client: here is the info
    Designer: (fixes spelling, adds missing info, resends) It's a busy week. Just so we don't go back and forth too much. Please look over this info and let me know if this is approved.

    3 busy days pass

    Client: what is the status of the Invitation?
    Designer: I've been working on a few urgent projects. I'll get it started soon. (resends info) Has this been approved?
    Client: Approved.
    Designer: (Immediately makes very nice winter-y blue holiday, generic invitation to please people of all faiths) take a look let me know what you think.
    Client: Please change the time and resend.
    Designer: the time has been changed. what do you think of the design?
    Client: I'm wondering if it should be red.
    Designer: Red might be a little too Christmas-y for this project.
    Client: Just leave it blue. Add "Room" to the end of the location name
    Designer: Room has been added.

    3 very busy days pass:

    Client: Take "Room" off of the location name.
    Designer: "Room" has been deleted
    Client: Please make this red (no other direction)
    Designer: Here is an invitation in red. And the original one in blue for comparison.

    Client: That is an awful red, make it redder. Either that or just make it green. Why is this taking so long? What's so complicated about this? It's just an invitation!
    Designer: (Thinks to himself: Why is this taking so long? What's so complicated about this? It's just an invitation!? I'm supposed to say those things!) I've saturated the red to make it "pop*" a little more.

    *Designer died a little using this term
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    Fa la la la la... la la la *headdesk*
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      The joy of being a graphic designer.


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        I think we may have the same client...
        It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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          You guys can have those people. No thanks.


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            yeah I'm doing an internship and that is exactly what I'm going through now haha! Just wondering what do you guys do in this situation? Because I'm at such a loss now since I talk and talk with my supervisor, pointing out what she wants changed, then the next week she changes her mind....I mean, I'm nervous, if this was a client, they would probably move on to the next person! how am I supposed to earn a living from this?!


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              You just have to learn to roll with the situation and do the best you can. Clients and bosses change their minds all the time. Even worse, you'll get some who don't know what they want or can't articulate it. You're expected to read their minds and figure out what they want. "Just come up with a few things and I'll let you know if I see something I like."

              The design business is part psychology, and the trick is to just keep calm and roll with the changes. Yes, you may end up losing a client along the way, but the next guy will probably not be able to satisfy him either. Some clients are better off lost if they take too much time not getting anywhere. Just do the best you can and keep out of panic mode.
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                I don't know if this is your situation or not, but I had a college professor that used to change her mind on class project instructions. You'd spend all night trying to get together what she wanted for the next class and she would say, "That's nice but I want you to do this instead." So you'd spend another day and night doing "this" and come in to class only to have it change again. Some of us finally figured out that if we stood up to the changes and explained why we did things a certain way, and how it would work for the situation, suddenly projects started moving forward.

                In other words, don't just ask "What do you want?"
                Once you come up with something they wanted, explain how it will work in the design you are creating.
                Don't take changes personally. The fact that she liked your idea, but not your globe (or possibly not your skill at dropping the globe into the image) that's a good first step, and doing the photoshop work showed initiative. Give up the idea that your design is your art. It is just a product. One to be used or not. If used, you succeed.
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                  well the thing is, I do tell her waht i think when I first see the image, but she just disagrees or says we have a difference in opinion in image selection.






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