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  • Payment on pickup?

    Our boss is sick of customers who pick up print jobs without paying. Personally, I wouldn't allow any job to walk out the door without either their bank account or credit details or full payment. Once a job goes out the door, you have lost all leverage. Our rule is that you pay on pick up, UNLESS we have all your bank account details and credit references.

    Today a client (no account) got all snarky at our receptionist when she asked for them to pay before walking out the door with a print job. They said that they will pay next month and refused to pay on the spot.

    If I didn't have an account at a company and ordered something, I would expect to have to pay before taking it home. I might even pay before picking up. I certainly wouldn't get angry about being asked to pay on pick up. Just because you decided you would pay next month, doesn't mean that's how it works.

    Isn't that normal?
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    I would have told them "Okay. Your job will be sitting here next month. When you pay you can take it with you."

    We had a customer that told us "We pay net 60, and we don't pay service charges."


    • Buda
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      Net 60? That's a new one.

    • Possumgal
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      How about "We don't print for people who pay net 60 and don't pay service charges."

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    Um, yeah. If I buy something, I don't expect to be able to possess it until I've paid for it. Unless I've set up a payment plan and paid something down.
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      I have a few clients that I extend net 90. They have been with me for years and bring me work year after year. But for the most part any client within around here it's pay upon delivery. For online clients (those who arrive via cyber space) I ask for a deposit via paypal ...the percentage of which depends on the overall fee and expenses such buy a typeface, stock images, that sort of thing.

      I would never for a moment tolerate someone telling me how to conduct my business ...I'd rather eat the cost.


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        If the client doesn't have an account, it's 50% up front with the balance COD on delivery.


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          We insist on payment up front. A lot of our work comes in thru our website or ebay shop so customers can order and pay thru those. Occasionally we'll get someone who wants a proof first or something like that. We can do that but one customer racked up 38 proofs on a single job. We set his emails to bounce after that job.

          Customers who try to dictate terms do not get very far. You only pay on 60 days? Go somewhere else.

          Any late payers are asked not to send us any more work. It really is more trouble than it's worth.
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