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Getting a bit depressed because of the pressure of everything...

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  • Getting a bit depressed because of the pressure of everything...

    I'm having some problems coping (sorry if I'm sounding stupid or like a depressed idiot) with all the work I have to do....
    I'm doign an internship 2 days a week and have full-time university (finishing off my last semester). With that, I need to get things together for a permanent residency visa so I can stay here with my partner after I graduate.

    My internship is good, it's just that they want me to study for the adwords exam for google (which is freakin' hard!). They said the internship goes for 2 months and I'm not sure if they are asking me to quit my uni to do a full-time job (which I wouldn't, I'd rather finish my degree of course) or, that I would get the job after I graduate.
    Now, I'm not sure how this will work, and I'm not sure if I should ask this of my supervisor really.
    I'm just getting frustrated because I'm overwhelmed with everything, literally I only have saturday to relax since I study on sundays too. I'm just very overwhelmed and don't really know how to cope...I do work extremely hard, going to my internship half an hour early to study or to get other things done, but it's so hard at the end of the day having no time to relax or have something to look forward to. I don't know, do you guys know of any way of coping with this?

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    When I was in school for design, I was in a full-time program, I worked full-time, and I had bought a condo that needed to be renovated. I literally slept for less than six hours a day (I say day because I took a power-nap before dinner. Out side of that, the only relaxing I did was taking my dogs to the dog park for an hour or so each day. Every other day was used for complete school projects or renovation projects. What I learned very quickly was that it's all about time management, focus and the knowledge that "this too shall pass". The last bit is important,what I would consider was the secret ingredient for me, because it made me aware that I wasn't going to be pushing myself this hard forever, that things will change and things will improve because I pushed myself through the challenges set before me today.

    So look forward to what accomplishing all of the challenges before you and not something so immediate as Saturday. In two months (8 missed Saturdays) you'll have completed your internship and you'll have your certificate, there's half the "work" off your plate, Leaving more time for school, residency and your significant other.
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      Originally posted by kemingMatters View Post
      ...and the knowledge that "this too shall pass". The last bit is important,what I would consider was the secret ingredient for me, because it made me aware that I wasn't going to be pushing myself this hard forever, that things will change and things will improve because I pushed myself through the challenges set before me today.
      This is some of the best advice I've ever heard, and I say that as someone who has made a lifelong habit of ignoring advice.
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        Balancing school, work, private lives and all the intensity, change and uncertainty surrounding it can be totally overwhelming. As Keming said, though, it's temporary.

        Several months from now, it will all be a memory, and in the bigger picture of your life, will just be just another time to look back at. I don't want to get too philosophical, but it's often these intense times when the most growth and progress occur. I'd be willing to bet that in ten years, you'll look back at it as being one of the most important phases of your life. For now, though, just remember that even though it might be stressful it's, thankfully, temporary and ultimately beneficial.

        As for your internship, it's secondary to school. Remember, you're in an internship to help meet your goals, not theirs. If their expectations exceed what's reasonable considering your school workload, let them know. Explain to them that school is intense, takes up most of your time and that after you graduate you'd be willing to consider a job where they could expect 100% of your attention. If they're not OK with your priorities and that you're an intern and not their full-time employee, well, you might consider firing them for being selfish and/or clueless jerks.


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          I agree with the others, we've all been through this and it is expected that you manage your time the best you can. It's only for a while. Just get really organized. Write lists and schedule everything. It's only for a while, a really short while in the bigger scheme of things.

          A normal day for me when I was studying was: get up at 7am, work on assignments for an hour or two. School from 9am to 3pm, work on computers or grab a bite to eat if I had any breaks in between classes. Catch a bus across town to my job, work 4pm to 10pm. Go to the bar where my boyfriend works and do some more homework with a drink in hand until midnight or study at home if I had an assignment due.

          I didn't have relax days in the weekend. I would work on assignments and go out at night. My internship was only 2 days a week, Tuesday and Saturday (daytime only) so I fit it around my other stuff. I never quit my job because I had an internship or extra assignments.

          I was lucky that I moved to a place 10 minutes walk from uni so that saved a bit of time.
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            thank you for your replies, I guess I have too high expectations of me, but I can't cope so much since I'm going through with a mental illness, so it's a wonder I still made it through university to my last semester .

            I think it's a good idea, I'm going to do my best, study hard and try to do the adwords exam every week, if after two months I don't pass with 85%, then at least I tried and they can see the reality that I can't give 100% to their work, as university is much more important.


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              I went to a Community College in Massachusetts for GD in the early 80's. A year after I left, I was walking up the street from where I worked at a Courthouse in Cambridge, and met one of my GD classmates, He had this HUGE portfolio case. I was like, "no shit! you got a real job as a designer", he was like"No Des, I'm studying to be an undertaker".
              I really wanted to ask what was in the portfolio.


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                You should have! I'm curious too...

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