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  • Don't worry

    "I've saved my PS file as an eps/ai." never mind I'll leave it at that.

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    hahaha.. sorry, i feel for you but...hahaha

    To be honest...just starting out I knew AI files and Ai EPS files were vector. so I opened a JPG into Illustrator and saved it and thought, that wasn't hard to make that vector. then opened and zoomed in and...hmmm, it doesn't look vectorized. researches things.

    OHHHHHH. well, that would have been too easy. OK. got it.

    again that was like the first few days I ever touched Adobe Illustrator...way back in time.

    *Now years back at my first job at the local newspaper when I'd ask for a logo I'd get an internet jpg...really low res. then ask for higher res or vector/eps/ai file. I'd get a PSD where the ams file was just given more pixels. (you know, where the background or another image that snuck in on the web was still there. OR they'd send me a file where they simply changed the extension as if that was all there was to it. I'd either do an online search or PDF search and try to pull from there. sometimes I'd scan and use Streamline (when that was a separate software) or just redraw it in illustrator.
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      I admit, at the VERY beginning I did the same thing. Now I just have to laugh to keep from crying.


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        I get it all the time when I request eps files of logos. Try not to pull your hair out over it...
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          Buda, I wish I'd learned that lesson before I lost all my hair. Well, almost all.


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            This was coming from the "graphic designer" that created it. If a client sends me something like that I can normally deal with it. But this...this was coming from someone who actually has a business in graphic design and sells their services...somehow. That is what I don't understand. Hold on I think my brain just imploded....


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              Oh, brother, we get that PS into AI business a lot when we ask for vector. Also, people seem to think that making any file a PDF makes it perfect, even a lousy JPEG.
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                I send a vector logo to a sign shop for a banner once and this girl calls me and told me she needed a .jpg. I told her if you need a .jpg for a 10 foot banner we're gonna pull the job so fast it'll make your head spin. I think we ended up doing just that. My art director and I were appalled.


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                  I have also done work with a sign shop that did the same thing...very confusing.


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                    We deal with a sign shop that when farming out printing work to others, always sends out JPEGs, even though they have an in-house "designer." I use that term loosely, as he worked the same place as I for a while and spent the whole time on social media or looking for other jobs.
                    No cell phone, no Facebook, no iAnything. Am I missing something?


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                      What's all the fuss about? All you have to do is hit image trace. Instant vector.
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                      • Possumgal
                        Possumgal commented
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                        You'd hate to try to trace some of the stuff I get!

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                      Yea, I love image trace so much. 72dpi, 100px by 100px Image trace and bam! you get a....well....abstract formation of nodes?


                      • HotButton
                        HotButton commented
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                        It's always unsettling to me when I see forum posts describing workflow rooted in Image Trace. I've only ever used it enough to conclude I'll never have a use for it.

                      • Cyclops G
                        Cyclops G commented
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                        I suppose I should have ended that with " the previous statement was pure sarcasm". I have no use for it either. The time it takes to trace by "hand" is much faster and much more clean in my opinion.





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