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  • Non-design-related rant...

    Sorry for the off-topic rant. But, I'm fighting an urge to post something elsewhere that is probably not the best idea.

    As some of you know I'm a cyclist. And, being one, I know a lot of the other cyclist in the area. Yesterday a friend of mine was hit while out riding. He got a broken shoulder blade and a shattered left leg that will require a rod to be permanently inserted. Not sure if he will ever ride again (he was a semi-pro racer). I've ridden the exact stretch of road where this happened many times.

    So today they caught the woman. Turns out last year she was charged in an accident that killed her own daughter and her niece. I'm doing everything I can not to troll her facebook page and basically just blast her on every social media outlet available to me. But, I'm going to let things cool down for a couple days, and instead just post my rant here.

    Here's the article if anyone wants to read it:

    How this woman is still allowed anywhere near a car is beyond me. There is a lot more I want to say, but I'll leave it at that.

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    I don't understand the logic of the court throwing out her previous charges of reckless and driving with a suspended license in favour of the proper safety restraint charge...

    Sorry to hear about your friend, I hope the article is accurate in your friends positive outlook.
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    • Cosmo
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      It is. I wasn't there when it happened, but supposedly the first thing Wes said to the rescue squad was "how is my bike?"

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    What's kind of an effing POS hits a person and drives away leaving them like a dog. OMG, that makes me FURIOUS. I hope he sues her for every goddamn dime she has.


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      Reckless driving that leads to the death of two children is an unforgivable offense.

      Best wishes for your friend.


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        I cycle into work each day (about a 24-mile round trip right through the center of Salt Lake City) and mountain bike on the weekends. There's rarely a day when someone in a car doesn't turn directly in front of me, open a car door when I'm too close to stop, push me off the road or pull out of a driveway or away from the curb forcing me to slam on my brakes. Sometimes they're simply not paying attention, but all too often they're staring straight at me and calculating that their cars, trucks and SUVs are bigger and faster, so they can simply force me out of their way.

        On the other hand, I also drive various motorized vehicles and see the other side. Many cyclists routinely ignore traffic lights, weave in and out of traffic, ignore basic safety rules, ride side-by-side while blocking lanes and causing traffic to back up behind them instead of riding single file, zip by pedestrians at 30 mph, make obscene gestures to drivers and other assorted stupid things.

        Here in Salt Lake there are various kinds designated bike lanes on a few main roads. Unfortunately, the bike lanes suddenly end or shift positions with no warning, and cyclists find themselves wedged between cars traveling at 50 mph. This forces many cyclists to simply use the sidewalks, and there they often ride too fast -- endangering pedestrians and risking slamming into cars pulling out of driveways.

        Automobiles and bicycles just aren't a good mix. Aside from the obvious safety problems of mixing fast-moving, 2,000-lb chunks of rolling metal with slower, smaller unprotected human bodies on busy roads, traffic rules that work well for motorists often just don't make a lot of sense when on a bike. And roads designed to accommodate automobiles all too often just don't work for bikes, even when an official bike lane is painted down the middle of one of the traffic lanes.

        About a month ago, I saw a woman who was riding in the middle of a busy lane of traffic get hit when a frustrated driver pulled in front of her while attempting to make a turn before she got to the intersection. I doubt she was more than bruised and scraped, but while she was picking up herself and her bike from the road, other cars were honking at the delay and trying to squeeze around the accident. Who are these callous, idiot drivers? And why was this woman so foolish as to ride in the middle of a very congested road during rush hour.

        As for me, aide from a separated shoulder, torn AC joint ligaments (rotator cuff), torn meniscus (knee), cracked ribs, road rash and various sutured-up gashes, I've been lucky not to have been smashed by a car. Both my trip-to-the-emergency-room accidents occurred while riding in supposedly safe bike lanes, and both were due to road maintenance crews failing to consider cyclists (a just-installed recessed 6-inch utility cover and an sudden 4-inch drop in pavement caused by road crews grinding off pavement).

        Cosmo, I'm really sorry about your friend. That shattered calf will take a long time to heal properly, if it ever does.

        As for the woman who hit him and fled, in Virgina, here's what the law basically says: "If the accident results in injury or death to any person or if the property damage as a result of the accident is greater than $1,000, the driver can be found guilty of a Class 6 felony. Class 6 felonies are punishable by imprisonment of 1 to 5 years, confinement in jail for up to 12 months and/or a fine of up to $2,500. Virginia Code §§ 46.2-894 through 46.2-902.1. ( ). And all that's on top of the law suit that I hope your friend files and wins.


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          That doesn't seem to be a very tough sentence for sending someone to the hospital for months.


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            She already killed two children and the charge was thrown out?? Wow ... I just don't get the justice system
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              ARGH! This is outrageous! She fled the scene of an accident? Isn't that a felony? Why does she have a license at all?
              I'm sorry about your friend, Cosmo. I hope he gets back to racing soon.
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                I'd be trying to ruin her life by contacting her employer / trolling Facebook / anything else I could do to mess with her. You've got more restraint than I do...


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                  No, don't do that. The way it works these days is SHE'D be suing you for defamation, and she'd probably win.
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                  Just a little update. July 1 the 3 foot law passed in Virginia. Will it make any difference? Probably not.

                  The woman who hit him is in jail awaiting trial. Not sue if Wes will ever ride (or walk) again.



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                    "3 foot law?"

                    "And then he read the link, and understood."

                    Geez, 3 feet doesn't even seem like much. I usually try to change lanes to pass if it's possible.
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                      You'd be surprised how many people here have actually already sworn that they are not going to follow that law, that roads are made for cars, that bikes should stay on the sidewalk, etc. The redneck is strong in my home town...


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                        I personally think it's crazy to ride your bike on a busy road/street. I ride a motorcycle and honestly, if I wasn't able to keep pace with the normal flow of traffic I wouldn't be out there at all. No matter what the law is, if you get hit you will be the one that's severely injured or dead not the inattentive driver watching youtube on their phone while they drive.


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                          If you can't ride on the road or street, what's left to ride on?






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