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  • oh? it's done? by someone else...

    Just a rant, here, because I KNOW someone in here will understand…. and then I might feel better.

    I was contracted by a 3rd party to create an ad for an upcoming event. Typically, the flyer is created first, and the ad would use the same "look & feel", but they decided to wait to do the flyer, but needed to meet the deadline for the ad. This 3rd party didn't give me much to go on, had originally told me they would supply a photograph to use, and had no idea of colors, or theme….flying by the seat of my pants, I do 3 different samples to get an idea of what the customer was looking for. The feedback was completely negative, the client hated all of them. I asked what they did or didn't like, and was again, given no direction, other than "they hate them all". So, back to the drawing board, and gave them another option, keeping it as simple as possible, because the one comment they had was the ad was "too busy". They approve the boring-ass ad, and I charged them HALF of what I would have because there was more work coming by the way of the flyer & the posters, and they complained that they had to stay within their budget. After waiting way to long to get paid, I did and was looking forward to getting creative on the other items.

    Welllllllllll, guesss what??!!!!??? I just saw on another site, a flyer for the event! NOT by me…… ugh…… sometimes I hate this business. I don't blame them for hating the ad I did, it WAS ugly. I was going by what was given, or not given to me - by a 3rd party!!! So now I feel like it ruined MY reputation with these people. So, live & learn. Never hesitate to contact the end user directly. Or get a job flipping burgers.

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    That's sad... Situations like that make us feel useless and maybe sometimes that desire to quit of the profession. What I can say... It happens.

    Situations like that makes part of our market. It's like stores that loose clients to other stores just because the price is better, and, most of the times, the product is the same. Anyway. I pass through it some months ago and I thought in change everything or work only on the company I work, leave my dream to have an agency and live with what I have now. When I was coming back to work as a freelancer, I lost a project to a Agency that made a bad work, was a Visual Identity Project, the service budget was R$ 3.000,00 and I lost it...

    Think about if you really like design, if you feel good doing it or if you do just for money. It's a hard profession and, in any case, the pros have to be much better than the cons. And if you do, you will need to face those obstacles.

    What I realized over time is that a good treatment with clients matters a lot. I'm very shy and calm person, and I changed that in the meetings. My clients today love to work with me even when my works are not so good... Today I'm friend of my clients LOL Believe or not, it works.


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      The biggest challenge in doing good work always seems to be the client, which is ironic since it would be in the client's best interest to get the best work possible.


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        I'm not quite sure on this why you are feeling the way you do.
        Did the third party have the authorization to hire you and were you working under a contract to get paid regardless?
        Why did you cut price on one part for promised later work if it wasn't under contract?

        The biggest lie in the design industry is "if you do this for a dollar, I promise hundreds more dollars in work."
        If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that, I wouldn't need to work any more.


        • Steeph
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          It's all something we live everyday... My last client asked for some discount saying that will came with more works after this one. I just made my price ready for this question.

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        I'm currently dealing with a client that I wish would do that
        Design is not decoration.


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          There are mistakes made all over this situation.

          Improper briefing, no contract, no deposit or proper quote. If you had lined up all this before you started the job, the client would have probably walked (especially if they already had another designer working on this project) and you wouldn't have gotten the job. Sometimes, proper procedure screens potential headache clients.

          What is your design experience? I feel like a professional would not let this situation arise. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for you and you grow from it. I can't say if you're better off flipping burgers, but I know I am not. You can make a living being a designer, but you have to be professional. Often clients don't know what the proper procedure is. It's up to you to guide them. If you continue to do business in this way, yes you are better off flipping burgers.

          I never negotiate a price after I've started a job unless it's for more money due to the project being bigger than expected.
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          It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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            Originally posted by fine1 View Post
            Typically, the flyer is created first, and the ad would use the same "look & feel"
            Really? I've never heard of such a topsy-turvy thing. In my experience, the "flyer" is not the "lead" component.
            Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


            • grphxdsner
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              Given that the identity is established, you would assume the paid placement for the ad takes priority over the flier.

            • fine1
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              I didn't say it was MY way of handling an event - it was what I had been informed by said "client" that is the way "they do things"

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            I appreciate everyones feedback! I have been designing for 28 years, so I'm not "new". This "client" is someone I've worked with in the past, so I was comfortable accepting her word. This was a rush, and I was given information from MY client, who was interpreting information to me from her client. We were up against a newspapers deadline for a crappy little black & white ad. Bottom line is, I got poor information from the person who called me to do the ad, who was NOT the end user - thus making me feel as though I ended up looking bad in HER clients eyes. YES, I KNOW I should have handled it differently, as in speaking with the end user directly. Unfortunately, the end user was not available to me. I KNOW I shouldn't have done any work without a "contract". I KNOW I shouldn't count on promised work. My point was I was frustrated seeing a promotional piece on a social media site that I thought was going to be coming my way as the event got closer. NONE of it is a high paying project. It was never about the money. It is about feeling jilted, like a school girl who heard through the grapevine that a boy liked her, only to see him kissing someone else. It was just a vent - nothing gained, nothing lost - at all.


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              Originally posted by fine1 View Post
              I appreciate everyones feedback! I have been designing for 28 years, so I'm not "new". This "client" is someone I've worked with in the past, so I was comfortable accepting her word.
              This information changes everything LOL Now I understand your feeling...






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