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At a loss. A rant.

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  • At a loss. A rant.

    So I'm a design student that spends hours a day trying to perfect my craft. I should be done within a year with my program. I'm currently unemployed and I'm looking into work in my field. My main focus is design and illustration. Here's the rant. I literally can't find work. Even places to apply. I'm currently trying to go through a temp agency, but to no avail. The 1 graphic design job they have posted wants like 3+ years of experience. I would either start my own business and/or freelance, but the only thing I know to do is to weed through the scams on craigslist and it's a crapshoot. I feel at such a loss because I literally don't know where to go or what to do to begin my search. My school offers no guidance or job placement. Plus, it's an online program and I live out of state. Does anyone know what to do? Has anyone been in this situation? My issue isn't getting turned down for jobs ,but FINDING the jobs in the first place!!

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    I'm due to graduate in two years, and noticing the trend of everyone wanting to hire people with experience I've started early. So I suggest trying to find an internship before you graduate. People are more willing to give internships to students rather than hire outright. Of course even internships have been hard to find. I've been checking out

    What I did was to begin freelancing. Don't underestimate the power of cold emailing. If you notice a need, fill it. As clients returned and became long-term clients I can list them in my professional experience. Add that to a self made portfolio and you have something going for you.

    Oh and don't underestimate the power of networking. I got my first long term clients from "a guy who knows a guy". Join meetups, not just for designers but also small business. They may not have anyone they are using for design yet, and need someone local.


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      Whoa there grasshopper! I would strongly advise that you complete an internship before you complete your studies.

      Most employers will not hire a student for a paid graphic design position and you are right, it is hard to get work without experience. I would hire a new grad with work experience, but not a student with no experience and no qualifications. It is too risky. That's why a proper internship with a reputable company is a good idea.

      If you do go down this route, please make sure your placement includes a senior mentor who you can rely on and ask questions. Some internships have no mentors which kinda means you are just learning on your own under the guise of an internship.
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        Temp agencies only take people with experience. Usually 2 years minimum. They are not going to hire a student to represent them in a plug-and-play situation if they have no experience.

        What are you looking at for places to apply? Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Have you checked sign shops, printers, silk screen shops, or any number of places that don't scream "graphic design" position?

        Have you considered you may have to move to an area with more opportunity?

        A note about students going directly to freelance. I don't recommend it. If you haven't even had the benefit of a mentored internship, you are going to be practicing on paying clients and quite possibly wasting their money. Experience, as you can see, counts for a lot in this industry. Without some serious portfolio pieces and excellent references, you wouldn't even get in the door here. Wellll, maybe in the door, but not given work.


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          As mentioned, and internship or two would be a huge start in getting (hopefully) some mentoring and some "real world" experience.
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