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    Context: I work in-house and wear many hats.

    A part of my responsibilities is running our social media accounts, which have been the bane of my existence since I started this job. Saying they were poorly managed before I started is an understatement. There seemed to be multiple accounts across multiple platforms that had been abandoned because people couldn't keep track of passwords. It was mess. I basically had to delete everything I could access and completely start over. There's still a twitter account that I cant access that has our logo on it, and while no one follows it, it's pops up when people search for the current one, which is an issue. I like twitter but it doesn't seem like they have much of a customer service team. Meanwhile, Facebook, which I'm not the biggest fan of as a platform, worked with us quickly on the issues we had.

    I like doing our twitter but I've sort of been neglecting the Facebook account ever since I updated the info and the profile and cover pictures. In my defense, I've been slammed with several other projects that are way more important than social media, but part of me is kicking myself for not putting the time into something that would give the business some decently free advertising simply because part of me doesn't really want to do it. Admittedly, I don't have a high opinion of Facebook for several reasons, but personal feelings aside the Facebook phone app sucks. The UI of the app itself isn't terrible, but it feels really crammed when trying to access sub-menus off of the news feed. It had to scale down from the web instead of scaling up, and as a result it's just really bloated and I hate using it. Obviously, I just need to do it with a real computer.

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    I realize this is a rant, but maybe you need to have another look at your priorities when it comes to social media.

    If part of your job is to put a face to your company, you do that in ways that benefit the company.
    Whether you like or agree with the platform or not doesn't matter in today's markets.
    You can't blame the software if something is too bloated for the platform.

    If all else fails, a Takedown Notice with Twitter may work.
    Someone with an account you do not have access to is using your logo without permission.


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      No, PD, you're completely right. After writing my initial post and blowing off some steam, I went to work on the FB account. Chalk it up to a late night rant after a very long day. Good idea about the takedown notice.
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        I'm not a personal fan of Facebook either, but its marketing potential shouldn't be ignored.

        I can't go into detail, but this past summer we convinced a client to use Facebook, boosted Facebook posts and Facebook ads to promote their annual sales event. They immediately saw a 15 percent sales bump and made an extra half million dollars because of it.

        Like Facebook or not, if you cultivate a loyal following, regularly post interesting and relevant content (with great imagery) and, every now and again, toss in a sales pitch for something you know your followers will like, there are marketing opportunities that would be a mistake to ignore. It's become such an important item our toolkit that we have a full-time social media person, and will likely be hiring another in the near future.


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          Thanks, B and PD. The social media management has been tough for me to tackle, but the insight and the pep talk have been really helpful.






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