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I Can’t Think of a Name!!

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  • I Can’t Think of a Name!!

    I have to come up with a name that represents my talents to incorporate into a logo. I am struggling so much with this. Not the designing part, but just coming up with the name. I can’t think of anything. For 2 week I’ve literally been walking around everywhere looking for inspiration. Someone will be talking and I’ll just be like, “Chocolate? Maybe I can use that as my name!” No.

    I’m lost. I feel like I’m just going to use my initials, even though I really don’t want to. I’ve tried writing stuff down to come up with ideas but it just makes me more frustrated. I have to be done it in two days and I have nothing. I'm ridiculous.

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    What is your experience level?
    2 weeks to come up with a name for what? You said a logo.
    Is it for a class?


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      Yep! It's for a class assignment, but (if it's good) I'd like to use it outside of school for freelance work once I get better. I don't have any experience.


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        If it is for a class, just do it. Worry about later, later. Especially where freelancing should only be undertaken after several years in the industry working in the industry, and learning how to work the ropes. You don't practice on clients as a freelancer fresh out of school. Most graduates learn more "on the job" in the first 6 months than the ever did learn in school.

        Right now, as a student, you get to do anything you like. You get to pick the brief, you get to be the client and the designer, you get to determine what your demographic wants. Right now, as a beginner, you do not probably even know what field of graphic design you want to get into. Save the angst for when it's appropriate.






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