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  • Seriously???

    I recently had to rent a car because my own vehicle had to go in the shop (Merry Christmas!?!)
    So this rental had quite a number of new 2017 bells and whistles in it.
    Ok, so now not only do we have people driving while looking at their cell phones...
    We have people looking at:
    - A speedometer that is so small it only marks the 20s, has ticks for the 10s and doesn't even mark the 5s, offset to the right, not centered.
    - in the center of the front instrumentation is a screen with various modes that change depending on what the car thinks should be displayed.
    - A green light that flashes on when your car is in gas saving ''eco'' mode.
    - A bar display under the ''eco'' mode light that tells you how close to 60% of something you are, so that is constantly moving side to side.
    - An outside air temp sensor that gets all panicky (flashes) when the temperature nears what it considers black ice danger.
    (Lights should only come on when the car has a mechanical issue and they should only flash when the car is in imminent danger of exploding.)
    - Beeps and another graphic that appears in the center panel that tells you when you are departing your lane, including when changing lanes on the highway. (its even more fun in a construction zone where new lines are painted over old lines.)
    - While that thing is beeping at you and showing you a screen where your car is in relation to the lines on the road, it is also auto-hinting your steering to suggest you get back in the lane it thinks you should be in. Very easily overridden but makes the steering feel mushy and unresponsive. Also fun when in a construction zone.
    - A radio that is a touchscreen ''entertainment center'' with multiple screens accessed via scrolling. If you are scrolling, you better not be driving.
    - A radio with touch station buttons that you can't find by touch. You have to look at them to hit them and the touch bars are so small you are likely to get the wrong station anyway. There are over 30 slots you can program. Accessed by scrolling. If you are scrolling for those tiny station bars, you better not be driving. Do you really need 30 programmed stations? 5 or 7 on buttons you can feel with your fingers in the dark aren't enough???
    - A steering wheel toggle with up/down/left/right arrows. Two are for volume control. Two are for changing stations. 50/50 you get it right. (that's just me being stupid though.)
    - The radio station display that flashes between the station name and the album cover and song name that is playing. Nothing should be flashing often enough to draw attention to itself.
    - And the piece de la resistance? Ads. Ads served on the radio station display. No I do not want an oil change or 4 tires for the price of 3 thank you very much. And yes, I had to look at the display while driving to read the offers. That's dumb (though now that I think about it, maybe the car was stopped at red lights when those ads were served.)
    Commercials? In my car? Uninvited????
    This is out of control.
    Especially when there isn't a button to print out the coupon like at the gas stations. LOL! I love printing out all the coupons while I'm pumping gas. Hope the next guy doesn't want a receipt.

    And this was a low-end economy model of this particular car brand.

    No wonder auto accidents have increased over the last 2 years.

    I will NEVER buy a vehicle with all that crap in it.
    Last edited by PrintDriver; 12-24-2016, 08:16 PM.

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    I had a similar experience recently after taking my vehicle (7 years old, starts with 'M' but it's not a Maserati!) in for a service.

    I was given a 2016 model loan car for the day... boy I couldn't wait to get my back in my own car.
    The digital instrumentation on that new vehicle was IMO badly designed and confusing to read and interpret. The auto transmission seemed to have a mind of its own, especially when accelerating hard (I prefer a manual transmission). But worst of all that car was so boring to drive. I was glad to get back in my own car.

    I think a lot of car manufacturers have lost their way.

    Merry Christmas!


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      Editing a comment
      Back when I was a teenager, the automobile companies would come out with new models each year that broke new ground in styling. Sometimes I liked the new models, and sometimes I didn't, but the point is that they were trying new things that got people's attention and stimulated their interest.

      Today, most every car looks pretty much like last year's models, and every brand seems interchangeable with the next. The basic styling for automobiles really hasn't changed in 20 years. It's all just homogenized into an expensive sea of dull repetition and copying. Any creativity remaining seems to be put into expensive and badly designed gadgetry. There's still interesting styling in many European brands, but even that seems to be decreasing.

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    I was recently in the market for a new, basic 4x4 pickup truck (hey, I live in the wild west of Utah). I say recently because I've decided to hold onto what I have now after seeing what's available.

    There are no longer any new, basic 4x4 pickups for sale in the U.S. None!

    Every last one of them has an extended cab, which I don't need and don't want. All of them have automatic transmissions, which I would actually pay extra to avoid. In addition they all come with other expensive and breakable stuff that I don't want, like power windows and power mirrors and power seats. And if that weren't enough, like has already been mentioned, most of them have utterly baffling and non-intuitive instrument control panels better suited for an airliner than a pickup truck.

    Worst of all, the extra cost of all this useless crap that I don't want adds an extra $10,000-15,000 to the sticker price. For that kind of money, I can just keep taking my old pickup to the garage for periodic repairs for the next ten years.


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      My wife's newish minivan has all that crap, I hate it! It is constantly nagging me about something. I hope to keep my 98 Toyota RAV 4 going till I die. It doesn't even have power windows LOL

      I hear ya B on the trucks. At one point I was considering buying a small pick up truck, just because sometimes you need to haul things. There are no small trucks anymore.


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        Mine's a truck. Pretty basic but it is a double cab. It's only 6 years old but has a lot of miles on it. Recently looking to replace it, the price has gone up $12K in the 6 years I've had it. My salary sure hasn't.


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          One trend I would like to see go away is the dour car color of recent years.
          I pull into the parking lot at work at it seems that 85% of the cars are shades of gray/silver, black or white.
          Most of the cars that stray from that are the occasional gold/bronze or dark blue. Some red (sports cars).

          Unfortunately the cars we own are black and silver--mostly because we didn't have a lot of choice at the time of purchase.
          Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.






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