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How can I return to this field?

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  • How can I return to this field?

    Hi. I made a thread a while ago discussing this issue. Here's the link:

    I had started a graphic design course and then lost interest in the field for silly and immature reasons, plus I didn't have the right mentality at the time.

    I've been working in a print shop for almost 3 years now after finishing the Printing course at school. I enjoy it somewhat, but I feel like it's not what I should be doing. I feel like I should be doing something more creative with my life. This probably sounds like a stupid question, but is it too late to go back into this field? I ask because I know it is such a competitive field. I still have all the notes and handouts given to me during the graphic design course. Do I just go over them or should I ask to redo the whole course, even though I completed it and got my diploma? Maybe I should even learn a new skill that can help me stand out, like become better at drawing and/or painting

    What about the software that I need to improve my creativity and help build my portfolio? I already have the CS5 versions of Photoshop and Illustrator on my laptop. I used QuarkXPress and InDesign when I was in school. Should I download those to practice with as well?

    I'd really appreciate any advice you guys can give me, like where I need to restart and who else I should talk to.
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    Its never too late . . .

    Can't guarantee you'll get a job but it makes sense to brush up at least on your course. If you finished it and got your diploma you can put that on your CV / Resumé. If its more than 5 years since you left the course it might make sense to retake - things have changed a bit.

    Your CS5 PhotoShop and Illustrator will still be OK and I would recommend getting InDesign rather than Quark to do your layouts. Quark was good in its day but it was never fully postscript compatible which caused all kinds of weird problems.

    If you want to practice your skills I suggest you gather a few magazine / newspaper pages and try to recreate them (use different pics and dummy text or type in the text if you want to get your typing speed up to scratch).
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