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Ghost in the Shell vs. the evil white man.

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    I have been lurking around long enough to have seen a few of Protagonist's posts/comments and I get the impression that there's some anger there. There's a sense of frustration in the comments and this entire thread has certainly made clear that one of them is the so called ''anti-white narrative''.

    Obviously, my observation is based on nothing more than what I've read from Protagonist on this forum. However, on this particular issue, I will say that the ideas seem to be reaching for a truth that perhaps isn't there or at the very least a reality that is quite a bit more complicated than ''there's an anti-white, evil white man'' narrative/campaign in the media and the world.

    The truth that none of us can deny is that where we're born, when we're born, to whom we're born, had nothing to do with us. We did not and no human in history has had a choice in the matter. Yet, we are all here and we have to make the best of it. Unfortunately, another truth is that some people are good and some people are not so good. We have these ideas about race and nationality that, in the grand scheme of things, are quite silly. And don't get me started about religion.

    White, black, brown, yellow, pink...YOU DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE. In an ideal world, we would all get along and we would all want the same things for everyone - not just for our country men and women, but for human kind. Sadly, I am well aware of the reality that racism and hate are very real and perhaps always will be.

    The idea that there's an anti-white movement is a dangerous one. Unfortunately, we have a president in the United States who has rallied the so called ''alt-right'' movement to new heights, all the way up to the administration even. Why? Because people feel the same way Protagonist does. And in the U.S., it has emboldened racist, hateful people throughout the country.


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      Hmmm, reading some of this bothers me. But keep this in mind, the more they can keep us fighting about black or white or brown or whatever else, the more the people at the top can keep everyone with low wages. Divide and conquer, doesnt matter if its Republican or Democrat, as we have seen, neither side really matters, its all about keeping those at the top, at the top and everyone else fighting about bull crap.






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