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Learning an agency's wordpress site in 1 week

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  • Learning an agency's wordpress site in 1 week

    Hi all,

    I've been assigned with a task by my manager to learn Wordpress in 1 week. Why? I was recently hired as a web designer to design landing pages for promotions. My manager now wants me to learn WP because she doesn't want to pay an agency to do it. She gave me the logins but it looks like the agency used custom widgets and I just keep hitting road block after road block. She hasn't offered any support regarding learning the agency's theme/work. I've been upfront stating that its difficult because what the agency developed was custom which catered to the work flow of the agency.

    My 1 week is up. Haven't gotten far. Watched youtube tutorials, signed up for free e-books and still haven't been able to achieve this "goal". How do I bring this up to my boss? Given that I'm a couple of months in, I feel like the next step after this is to get fired.

    Please comfort me.

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    Well, I really feel for you. When I hand off websites, I always include extensive documentation and custom video tutorials for my clients because just saying "there are tons of tutorials on Youtube, good luck" isn't enough. Every website is set up differently and you need to tell people where to find things. It's a shame that whoever developed your website didn't provide documentation. You're literally not crazy. I don't even like to work with pre-made themes because figuring out what's going on takes longer than building it myself.

    I don't know if that helps, but I really hope you don't get fired - that would be ridiculous.
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      Did the agency use a pre-made theme, and if so which theme is it?

      What exactly are the issues you're running into?

      Can you list the plug-ins the site is using?

      Wordpress is easy but no one is going to be an expert on anything after 1 week of self teaching. Also, some themes are worse then others. If the agency custom built a theme off of the default Wordpress theme, then it would be helpful to access the FTP because they may have put some notes in the different code files.






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