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Am I wrong for feeling frustrated about this?

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  • Am I wrong for feeling frustrated about this?

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to get some perspective.

    I work as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. However, our Creative Director has been out on maternity leave, so I took over some of her responsibilities temporarily while she is gone. Part of that included coming up with original scripts and concepts for a big client that we work with on a ton of campaigns. I was excited as this was a huge opportunity for me to prove myself and get the chance to actually come up with the original concepts myself. I needed concepts for two separate campaigns for the same client.

    After presenting the concepts to my team, my supervisor asked for some slight revisions, and also asked me to prepare some additional scripts and concepts just so the client would have options to choose from.

    For one of the campaigns, we'll call it campaign A, one of the major revisions was to the color palette. My supervisor felt as if the colors were too feminine for what was supposed to be a masculine demo. While I disagreed, I took her advice and reworked the concept to appear much more masculine. Additionally, she wanted a change to the fonts because she said we used this certain font too often. She thought that the original script was great but just needed a few tweaks. I made those revisions, and also came up with some alternative scripts. I find out that they are also going to have our Creative Director come up with a concept, because we are all about giving clients options. I was totally fine with that, after all I figured that the client would choose which they liked best and what was better suited for the campaign.

    The presentation with the client is this upcoming Monday, and when putting together the presentation, I learned that they were only going to present one concept for campaign A - that of our creative director. Yeah, it's frustrating but I've learned that's just part of the design world and your idea doesn't always get chosen. What is the most frustrating to me is that I spent hours stressing and coming up with even more concepts to give the client options, but they aren't even going to be presented. Additionally, the concept my creative director came up with has almost the exact same color palette as my original concept that was apparently too feminine. Except for, my CD replaced the purple I used with PINK? And she included the font that I was asked to change.

    For the second campaign, "campaign B" we are still presenting multiple concepts.

    So now I am just sitting here thinking, why did you make me come up with all of these different concepts if you aren't going to use them? And why is it that I'm not allowed to use a certain color palette or font, but our CD is?

    I know the advertising and design world is cutthroat, so I have pretty much decided I just need to shut up and deal with it, but needed to vent somewhere. I don't know if I'm just being a baby or if this is actually grounds for being frustrated.


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    No, you're not wrong for feeling frustrated. What you've described would frustrate most anyone. Even so, it's all part of the game. Working with others can sometimes be difficult.


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      I would have flipped over my work table, and threw my fist through the screen of my iMac. Which hurts. It's glass. (i need to stop doing that so frequently).

      Seriously though. I've held the position of both the Art Director and the underling. And you have to understand (in some respect at least) that they hired your current creative director for a reason. They value her artistic input. I'm sure she's been in the field much longer than you have. Now, don't get me wrong, this doesn't discredit your work in the least. We're all talented designers here (well, most of us). But what she does for the company may be behinds the scenes. If the she, the company and the clients have built trust, and had face to face meetings together, developed a reputation together - she is the ultimate voice of that department.

      The time will come when that position may be yours. But for now you play the silly corporate game, honor your role, and try not to throw your fist threw the screen of your iMac... It hurts.






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