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Advise please for an Unpaid Internship = Slave

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  • Advise please for an Unpaid Internship = Slave

    I am currently being unpaid to be a Page Landing Designer at 1st things were good. I got on well with the CEO who send me a test to re do his website and he was happy.

    Now two weeks in, I am up till 4 am doing little adjustments for him all the time (like size down shape or replace the text). I have probably got 120 edits done this week alone and he wanted them ready by Monday just gone by. Along with this happening they developers wanted me to do the HTML and CSS for the site.

    Today am up after long nights work and he is sending messages that we are “DAYS BEHIND SEHDULE” and just given out. This is starting to bug me big time and I feel like just saying I got accepted for another job to get him off me but on the other hand this is a good opportunity which would shine on my LinkedIn.

    Anyone have any advice? like my mock ups are been done on Photoshop and I feel like telling him little bits are not going to show up on the site but am just a grad like.

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    Hi Whiskey and welcome to GDF.

    Internships are supposed to be mentored experiences. Sounds like someone is just using you as free labor. Do you have a mentor at this company or are you just given work and expected to know how to do it?

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      Originally posted by WhiskeyLeach View Post
      I got on well with the CEO who send me a test to re do his website and he was happy
      Of course he was. He knew he had the potential for free work.

      They will tell you that you are getting experience and if you're just starting out you'll believe it.

      Let me say this. My first job in the industry was a paid job as a regular employee. I got PAID on the job experience.

      No internships, no free work "for experience", I needed a job. I got one and I got paid biweekly.

      You're being used.
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        was this an internship "found" through your school's internship program. If so, I'd discuss tings with your school and see if there are other potential internships available. As Eyoungren said, you're just being used for free work … or abused is perhaps more accurate.
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          Internships, as important and they often are, can be iffy. Unpaid internships are only really worth it if you'll actually learn something from someone whose experience and reputation mean something. Someone just taking advantage of free labor is someone to avoid. Good internships are those where both parties get something: the interns get experience from those willing to teach them, and the employers get some work done in return.


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            If this company you are interning for is not well known, this opportunity may not shine as brightly on your Linkedin account as you think it will. May not be worth the headache if this is just some small, unknown company.


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              A potential employer isn't really going to care (too much) about your LinkedIn shining. They are going to care more about what skills you have, whether or not you can handle an assignment properly, that you know what you are supposed to know, and that you won't make too many mistakes on their dollar (mistakes happen.) The only thing an employer is looking at is what you can offer to further their business goals.

              You won't shine too much at all if the ultimate result is a reference that says you put them days behind schedule, whether through no fault of your own or not.

              FYI, our interns are paid and they have mentors to show them the correct way to do things.

              I shudder to think about ever having to look for work these days.
              No LinkedIn
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              Maybe an employer would figure I'd spend less of my time tapping on the damn phone and actually doing work?
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                People will take advantage of you, if you let them. Don't do free work, don't volunteer for any business, unless you are paid on the clock.

                Welcome to the rat race, you have to stick up for yourself.

                Business is business and doing any free work or volunteer work for a profitable company should be frowned upon and is against everything the ultra capitalists want anyway.






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