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I apparently "need" to get a new laptop.

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  • I apparently "need" to get a new laptop.

    The laptop I'm writing this post on is *calculating in head* going on 7 years old. It's a well loved 13" white MacBook from when I started high school in 2010. I've vehemently stated that I don't need a new laptop, because I truly don't - I don't even want a new one. I'm very much that kind of person that uses their tech until it doesn't work anymore.

    However, Im starting to get to the point where I say "I'm going to put my fist through the screen..." at least 5 times a day. I hate the new mac design; who the heck needs a mouse pad that huge anyway and I absolutely HATE the stupid brushed chrome.

    I'm resigned to the fact that I need a new lap top. It would be good to get a new screen, even if it feels like I'm pulling teeth.

    Does anyone have the new MacBook Pro with that weird bar? Do you hate it or have any problems with it? Do you love it and have any features that are rave worthy? I want to cry thinking about getting a new laptop but it's necessary.

    Any suggestions?
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    Don't have the new mac book pro.

    What type of software are you using? Is it specific for the Mac? What type of work are you doing?

    Do you really need a Mac? You can put together a much better PC for much less.

    There was a time many moons ago circa late 90's to mid 2000's that PCs were just simply for basic office tasks, hence Microsoft Office. However, in recent years technology has really caught up. Where Macs were very powerful in the early to late 2000's I feel they have dropped off in under the hood parts - compared to price.

    You can actually build a Laptop with all the same parts as a Mac Book Pro for about $1000 less - I've done it!

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      Originally posted by Magical Unicorn View Post
      Does anyone have the new MacBook Pro with that weird bar? Do you hate it or have any problems with it?
      I dislike it only because it's always there, virtually useless and constantly reminding me of the extra cost it likely added to the machine. What I really dislike more about the new Mac laptops is their lack of ports. Thirty-five hundred dollars for a new computer and, then, several hundred dollars more for a set of dongles and hubs to make up for it.

      Apple hardware, though, for the most part has a nice look and feel to it (I like the brushed aluminum, and the track pad, although larger than needed, isn't a problem). It's gotten to the point, though, that other PC manufacturers have started paying more attention to aesthetics and quality, so Apple no longer has a corner on the market there.

      What keeps me using Macs, though, has little to do with the hardware or its cost. It's the Mac OS that I like. Working in Windows, for me, is more clumsy and frustrating than playing an out-of-tune piano with a few missing keys while wearing a pair of mittens. If I need to spend extra $$$ to avoid it, fine.


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        The thing with any upgrade is just becoming used to the new.
        My macbook was the model just before the bar so I don't have that. What irked me the most was the ram sticks being soldered in (no upgrading your ram,) the need to buy port adapters at $35 a pop, and not having an internal DVD/CD drive. The new ones don't even have the magnetic power cord any more, so if you got use to that just falling off rather than breaking off, now you have to remember to unplug it.

        If you go with a new macbook it's more important to get as much ram as can possibly fit in the machine and to get a large internal SSD drive, at least 500gigs on the SSD, larger if possible.


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          If you're brave and want to try something new, the Dell XPS 15 9560 is an amazing machine. By far the best computer I've owned and I've previously had two Macbook Pros and multiple windows laptops. Windows 10 has taken a little getting used to, but its all fine and dandy (much unlike Win 8 which I replaced with Win 7 on my old laptop.) My only gripe is not being able to use Sketch without a virtual mac machine. Really wish this company would make a build for Windows. Good luck.






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