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New Marketing Team... WHY?

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  • New Marketing Team... WHY?

    Okay I never post in here but this is really bothering me.

    Laziness!!! Yes thatís what it balls down to either that or it's plain stupidity.

    Check it out. We had a meeting about a week ago. My manager wants out of the Marketing department so he can concentrate on Sales. He is generally in charge of the whole division, which makes a healthy 2-3 Million a month. So we sit down with two new semi-integrated members to our Marketing team. We go over some responsibilities and I explain to my manager that I need at least 1/2 the day for web work and 1/2 for print since Iíll be hosting the site developing dynamic content etc.

    Now my Manager assigns these two individuals to right content. CCTV is very technical and I donít have the time to learn the field. I have way to many other responsibilities. So we had a mini meeting about what we need to do. I ask them for copy and you wonít believe what they do. Number one goes and gives me the specs, good at least he did that. Number two rewrites what I already typed in the catalog and emails it to me in word. WTF was the point of that. I mean I typed the sh!t in why would I want it back that same way.

    What I need is the information broken down for a new brochure not copy pasted. I need it summarized and rewritten even. WTF? Then I need some body copy written for camera and do I get it. NO! Now number one is out today. Number two seems as clueless as a newborn baby. And I have to finish this brochure. I don't understand? I don't get WTF they don't understand. I need content, copy, text why is something that takes about 2-3 hours taking days.

    Man I hope I'm never as incompetent as these people. I canít work with people like this. Oh God!

    Man Iím in for a loooooooong ride.

    'Adventure, Excitement, A Jedi craves not these things.'
    'Anger...fear...aggression. The dark side of the Force are they.'

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    It all boils down to one thing Benjo... people don't want to do their jobs. that's it plain and simple. Corporate place like yours (which a few departments) seem to be the worst. i'm with you on every point you make.

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    "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

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      Mediocre minds thatís what they are. I have to admit that in the past Iíve been mediocre but now that Iím trying to get my freelance out the door and Iím starting to get some results. Iíve realized that hard work is a must. Iíve always had good work ethic I was raised like that but at times I slacked. Even here Iíve slacked. But now Iím really changing all of that. And the thing that gets me the most is that yea I might have slacked but if I do a job I make shore itís my best work. 95% of my work I do it with pride itís that 5% that limits any amount of creativity that I donít give two bowl movements about.

      I mean these people are both over 40. Iím 25 and I feel like I have to teach them how to do their jobs. WTF have they been doing for the last 40 years? Things like that just make me want to work harder cause I want to erase any sense of mediocrity from my life.

      It just burns me inside you know.

      'Adventure, Excitement, A Jedi craves not these things.'
      'Anger...fear...aggression. The dark side of the Force are they.'


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        Benjo..I TOTALLY feel yer pain! I know where you are coming from!!

        Who says doodling isn't constructive?!
        I blog, you blog, we all blog!


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          Isn't the first qualification of marketing people to be Clueless?
          They're STILL sending me jpgs embedded in illustrator and calling em vector eps files.
          No hope.

          Specialization is for insects...



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            ROFLMFAO! man...when will these ppl ever learn? LOL

            Who says doodling isn't constructive?!
            I blog, you blog, we all blog!


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              I love when they say 'Vendor' needs images of our product Hi-Res JPG for there catalog. LOL! I love those request.

              'Adventure, Excitement, A Jedi craves not these things.'
              'Anger...fear...aggression. The dark side of the Force are they.'


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                I feel you, Benjo... It's all about putting in your time at whatever company pays the bills, until you can be your own master. I'm 23, and that's my plan. I want to be on my own (either doing Dafenix Foundation full time) or freelancing full-time in 3 years or less. Working for people with inferior work ethics and/or intelligence is unfulfilling and frustrating. Stay focused, man, and you got it on lock.

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                  Fed up with way...WTF?? (haha Just kidding - hehe). We can start a list for you to help you bc I have to use them..its just faster....hehe! I'll start with the one i use above bc it seems to be my most frequently used one lately - haha!!

                  WTF = What the FK ? )

                  Who says doodling isn't constructive?!
                  I blog, you blog, we all blog!






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