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  • Kayekaye
    Reply to How on Earth was this done??
    I forgot! I used some Smoke brushes in photoshop for a cookbook. Just google smoke brushes for photoshop, lots of them out there....
    Today, 06:56 PM
  • kemingMatters
    Comment on Multiple return addresses
    great point
    Today, 06:35 PM
  • Kool
    Comment on Experience vs education.
    " I guess I'm sort of a middle-man between the client, boss and other employees. "

    That would be the very definition of a manager. Or in the graphic design world an Art Director,...
    Today, 06:13 PM
  • Kayekaye
    Comment on Things that jerk my chain...
    I hear that! I had told my client that my father was in the hospital for a heart operation, literally could die on the table and that I couldn't be reached the next day during the operation. The whole...
    Today, 06:03 PM
  • TrueTechDesign
    Comment on How on Earth was this done??
    That is an absolutely stunning app i must admit. Could do with a little refining in regards to customization but overall, I'm quite impressed! Thanks for sharing Kayekaye!
    Today, 05:57 PM

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  • #16
    Lonepine... I've had almost the same thing...

    The Xerox rep bought me lunch and sat with me and ate, right in front of the boss... lol.. didn't buy the boss anything!!

    The boss, needless to say, was pissed!!

    That made my day!


    • #17
      Invader Xan said...
      'Actually, I'm a graphic designer...'. Let's face it, it's a pretty sexy job title.
      Very true. Makes you feel pretty cool even if you're not.

      I always reckon seeing something you enjoyed designing actually printed out and in use is one of the most satisfying parts of this job.

      And I head up the design dept. for a marketing agency, and even if the clients aren't always grateful, the account managers often are. Being the person who gets someone out of a hole is pretty satisfying too. As long as they appreciate it.

      On a non-job related theme: my new house, my wife, my son, my baby on the way, being nearer our families, a cracking drive to and from work each day and cherryade all make me smile.

      'We are practitioners of the greatest type of work on the planet - creation!' - Gary Dickson


      • #18
        Mmmm... cherryade.

        I would've taken over the world, but I got distracted by shiny things.

        Ooo! Shiny things!
        "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
        --Albert Einstein


        • #19
          Driving to work and seeing the logo I designed on the front of the building for all the passerbyers to see in all it's glory.

          You don't know what you don't know.
          You don't know what you don't know.


          • #20
            Driving to work and seeing a billboard you designed, for all the passerbyers to see!

            That was my proudest moment!


            • #21
              Dr. Pepper is good. So is music.

              Free iPod (explanation)
              P r o d u c t i o n s


              • #22
                Finally sending the 60 page marketing collateral project to the printer and it's going to be the weekend in a few minutes. Can it get any better that that? Yeah, but it still feels good.

                blah blah blah blah blah blah
                I could give you a dose
                but it would never come close
                to the rage built up inside of me
                fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy


                • #23
                  I wrote my boss a brief 'thank you' note to show him that I appreciate them providing my gas allowance and he actually called me this morning to thank me for the note.

                  It's nice to feel appreciated.

                  [i]The more people I meet, the more I love my cats.</a>
                  "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


                  • #24
                    Getting a few clients after a dry spell.

                    'Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn't have it and thought of other things if you did.' - James Baldwin
                    (From's article 'The brewhaha of business budgeting' by Neil Tortorella)

                    ** Personal Blog

                    ** Business Blog - updated 2/17/2005</font>


                    • #25
                      I had a client offer me tickets to a concert series for a brochure I just finished for them at work.

                      As a freelancer, seeing one of your projects distributed around most of the businesses in St. Catharines on a 28,000 run is pretty damn cool.

                      I am serving my time in hell on the job I am currently employed at.

                      - Magnus


                      • #26
                        It's pretty cool when I get some of the stuff I do in my post box! Although I've probably pulled my hair out a million times during the project, it's always pretty neat to have something you've done shoved through your letterbox.

                        Oh and I was bought a box of chocolates last week by someone because they loved the work that I did for them. And a bottle of wine the week before. I always feel guilty when people buy me gifts because I feel I'm just doing my job, but then I think - well they're not paying me enough so hey, who cares?!! Sorry - that was negative! Hmmm choccies and wine - not quite in reuber's heathkick frame of mind!

                        Searching for creative juices


                        • #27
                          not GD related..but anyways seeing my wife get bigger and bigger and knowing that very soon my son will be born. IT's helped me realize the more important things in life.

                          In terms of GD, recently my company was parts of a huge conference to show off our latest products. We had a booth set up and i did the back drop mural for them. This thing was i think around 20ft wide and 10ft tall. Though i didn't see it personally i saw pictures and all the sales reps and marketing folk were very impressed. Even our counterparts in the U.S were impressed.

                          makes me feel all tingly inside!


                          • #28
                            You know Tyger, when I read that first sentance but not the whole thing I thought you had some kind of fat fetish. But then I read the whole thing, and that must make you feel pretty special.

                            I am serving my time in hell on the job I am currently employed at.

                            - Magnus


                            • #29
                              lol@mag...he..he... you don't like more pushin' for the cushion?


                              • #30
                                nothin wrong with a lil junk in da trunk

                                Power to the Oldschoolers
                                I blog, you blog, we all blog!


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