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  • Negotiation

    This article came in my news feed today.
    Freelancers here might want to give it a read.

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    Thanks for the link PrintDriver, I love this topic! This reminds me of a conversation recently about clients that never seem to have a budget. The person I spoke to has come up with a good technique:

    You: "So what is your budget?"
    Client: "Well, I don't really know"
    You: "Ok, so shall we say it's $10,000 as a reference point?"
    Client: "Oh my god, no, I was thinking more like $2500"

    The article picks this up as well & talks about starting with a high figure if you're forced to negotiate.

    If you're into these sort of things, there are other good resources:

    Book: Getting to Yes (
    Book: How to win friends and influence people (
    Blog: read this recently on Freelance Survivor about selling something small first (


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      But why do creatives struggle more with this than the average professional? Ted explains: "The reason we are valuable to society is that we connect with people emotionally through our work..."
      In general I think the article has good advice, but I disagree to an extent on some of the points.

      For example, I'm not sure the main reason creative people struggle with negotiations is because of our tendency to emotionally connect with people. I'm just not convinced that, on average, we're all that different from the norm in that way. Beginning freelancers, in particular, might feel anxiety in negotiations since (1) they have insufficient experience with it and (2) because so much is riding on it -- their bank accounts.

      Remember there's only one goal in negotiation: to get as much as you can.
      I disagree with this statement; at least it's not the way I approach things (unless, maybe, I was haggling with a street vendor in Tijuana). My goal is never to extract as much money as possible from a client's wallet. My goal is more of a win-win situation where the client gets great work for a fair price in the hopes of establishing a mutually beneficial partnership.






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