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    So, at work I'm often sent emails from other artists wanting to sell their designs to our company - usually this is great as we like to work with outsiders. However, recently I received an email from an artist who works in a style which is the inspiration from my next set of designs. What to do - I don't want to turn down the offer then in a few months have a similar design released! The style is close to my own illustration style and as I've only been here a few months I haven't yet released any of my own designs - so it would look like a strange change of style to anyone outside of the business.

    Obviously if there ever were any complains I could show my portfolio of previous, personal work to back it up but should I address this issue in an email to the other artist?
    Any suggestions appreciated!

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    You cannot copyright a style.
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      Are the designs solicited?
      If not, tough luck.
      Like seamas said, you can't copyright a style.


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        You don't have to stock every artist that wants to work with your company. You can decline. It's perfectly OK to curate your shop. Whether you reject an artist because they're too different or too similar.

        Just tell them that their style is very similar to a range that the company is stocking soon and that you are looking for artwork that is distinctly different.
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          As a general rule, it is not prudent to even open unsolicited email designs (not that that is easy to do, in practice, with email.)
          Similar to Hollywood. Submit an unsolicited script and it will get returned to you unopened.






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