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    Okay so the people you was employed by decided to contact the company. Thus gaining their permission.

    However the question remains if the article was in a positive or negative light of the actual product itself. Similar to advertisements or marketing that features replica's of the product but avoid so by not featuring the name of the product.

    Look I use tons of imagery itself when I can If not then I have to recreate the image. I also would go the stock image path. However sometimes people want you to run into there stock. As I am not so wealthy I would just create my own.


    • PrintDriver
      PrintDriver commented
      Editing a comment
      Don't ever assume you are too small an entity to be noticed by copyright holders. I do a lot of image work. More than once I've had image owners tell me they are in the process of doing reverse searches for their imagery and serving C&D notices. Even imagery that seems to be ubiquitous on the web, stolen time and time again by various bloggers and in some cases even well-known news outlets. I even had a case once where a stock image source was offering an image turns out they were not supposed to be offering. They got the C&D and I in turn received one from them.
      And then there are the big houses that are running reverse searches all the time and sending out bills based on their internet usage charge. A couple people here have seen such things come from Getty and Corbis (Corbis is gone now though.)

      As for brand photos, even worse. The larger companies have what we call The Logo Police, part of their job is to protect the brand, and that includes reverse searching the web for imagery and articles of and about their products and dealing with them appropriately.

      A retirement option for me is to one day post a bunch of very high rez imagery online in a blog, then have a retired lawyer friend send out notices for payment. Could be fun!

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    Copyright encroachment is the utilization of works secured by copyright law without authorization encroaching certain selective rights allowed to the copyright holder for example the privilege to replicate disperse show or play out the ensured work or to make subsidiary works.






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