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  • Thrown under the bus

    OK so I'm on the fence about how to approach this.

    I'm currently working with a design studio that asked me to work on a magazine for their client. A issue happened with the project where the client was upset about the initial page count being wrong. The client expressed this frustration and displeasure on an open forum where I was included. The response from the design studio squarely put the blame on me in the manner that I didn't properly open a document

    It really caught me off guard how they approached this. Quite frankly I'm upset it made me look incompetent and I don't take to that kindly. Especially that I confirmed on here and buddies in the industry that what they said I should have done, shouldn't matter. What puzzles me more is that the design studio wants me to take over this project in the future alone, yet you make me appear like I don't what I'm doing to your client??

    I will say that I should have ensured the page numbers were synching properly but I'm not the only one working on this project (they have other in-house people working on this project as well.)

    This is my first time working with them and they are such kind people which is why I didn't want to rush into a possibly harsh/haphazardly response.

    Is there anyway to handle this tactfully w/out jeopardizing the relationship with the studio?

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    Honestly the only way I see out is to stand up, dust yourself off, and keep on your path; maybe start looking elsewhere in hopes of finding somewhere where they won't so readily use you as client fodder.

    Were you responsible for the final preflight before it was handed off?
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      Oops. I didn't make clear that I'm a freelance contractor for the design studio.

      It's not really clear. This is their first time handing this project over to a freelancer so the person who was in the charge of this project prior is also working on this.


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        Well, you could take the constructive approach of proactively offering your help in exploring the problem and implementing procedures to ensure that it doesn't occur again -- not for the purpose of assigning or avoiding blame but, instead, in figuring out ways to improve the process.


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          In a way, it's already been addressed to the client that they showed me how to xyz properly so that it wouldn't happen again.

          I kind of feel like it's a bit of hit to my reputation. Am I taking this too personal? Should I let it go?


          • kemingMatters
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            I think you may be taking it a bit personal, understandably though, you take what you do seriously. It doesn't sound like there are/were any negative impacts because of the issue. I mean you're still getting the work and one hiccup, even if it's not your fault, doesn't taint your professionalism or career.

          • burgerme
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            I think some distance helped me build a bridge and get over it. I also talked with the owner about the issue to get some clarification and it seems this is not the first time this has happened. I definitely took it more personal than I should have. Glad this place exists so I didn't put my foot in my mouth!

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          But if you are taking on the work of a magazine you should have known how many pages are need to make it print properly and I would have addressed that before I began working on it. Were you made aware of how it was being printed and where it was going? I never work on a project until I know where it is being printed and what their specs are. Just part of the job. If you were not expected to do this and just asked to finish what someone else worked on, it might slip by. I guess this is something to learn from. Never assume that the client, even another designer, understands what needs to be done. Be thorough about each and every project you take on before you start in on it.


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            Not quite Kayekaye . This is still the production phase so I am still adding and removing pages. They have a range they like to work within based on the content and ads, which the latter is still coming in.

            This is my first time working with this studio as a freelancer so I'm just getting my bearing's on what's what. A little trial and error but now that I have had some distance from this issue, I'm not as pissed as my original post.






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