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  • Trouble brewing in freelance land?

    I've been working with a particular client for almost a year. At the top of this year, I had a check-in meeting to see what they thought of my services so far and if this relationship would continue to grow. They spoke very highly of what I provided and that they would like me to work on more in-house stuff.

    A few days ago there was an ad placed for an in-house PT graphic designer.

    I emailed them asking how that would impact future work that we had discussed.


    In addition, they are starting to be chronic late payers.

    Is it time to bounce?

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    Dammit. Can I fix the subject line? I have no idea how "they like ou" got there.


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      Do you have some sort of contract with them stating that they will come to you for all their graphic design needs? If not, there's no reason for them to not hire someone else - freelancers, employees, whatever. I have several clients that hire other freelancers to do work for them also. It's actually quite smart on their behalf because they're able to parse out each project to the best person as we all have strengths in different areas. Perhaps your client has decided that they have enough design work that it makes sense to hire an employee.

      The payment issue is a different problem. They should be paying you on time (make sure your invoices include a deadline and that they're going to the correct person). A second invoice with a late fee after 30 days might encourage them to step it up. If it's a chronic issue, then they're not a good client and you're entirely in your right to say that due to consistently receiving payments past the due date, it doesn't make sense for you to work with them anymore. But you drop them only if it makes sense for your business, in other words, if it's worth losing them as a client.


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        I do not. My gut is telling me it's more of a money thing, as in they want someone cheaper. I did discuss that my rates would be going up back in January.

        I guess I feel confused as their feedback suggested that they would continue using me for all of their in-house work. They are usually so vocal, and it's just thrown me for a loop.

        I have a lot to learn in the arena of freelancing, and not feeling betrayed or feeling anything personal at all when a client decides to hire someone else or go in a different direction. It's just business.

        Thanks for the alternative perspective!


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          Is your contact still in the same position/employed with this company?
          Design is not decoration.


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            I only interact with the president of the company.


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              Well so it goes. Been there done that. Had one client that told me he wanted to pay me to teach his 18 year old "artsy" son to do all my work. Left him high and dry. Another situation I worked with only the president who established prices and bought me equipment. A few years in this president died and the new president calls me a liar about the pricing and replaces me with a crummy marketer who stole all my designs and cut them up to "design" new pieces, all low Rez.

              Unless you have a retainer contract that renews yearly there is always a possibility of being replaced. Even with retainers you can be dropped after many years of successful service. Nothing to do but move on to the next client.
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