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    Does anyone know if there Is a program out there that will allow Graphic Designers to upload a draft then once the customer pays for it, they are then directed to the link to download the final version?

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    That does sound neat. What's it for? Can you explain why you need that? I have certain services I require pre-payment, and in that case I just send a link to a shopping cart, or send an invoice and then send the files. I think some of the freelance sites have an infrastructure like that, but I've not heard of a standalone app... I'd be curious about this too.
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    • designerrub
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      I want to upload the files to a server and that way when the client pays for them, automatically they will be taken to the screen to download their files versus the need for me to send them an invoice, wait for payment then manually sending them the files.

    • EC
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      Hmmm. What do you do for invoicing? I know PayPal does these kinds of redirects, I'm thinking it would have to be a function of your invoicing system.

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    Most stock image sites work that way.
    No idea how they work though..






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