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How to close more high profit proposals

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  • How to close more high profit proposals

    How to close more high profit proposals

    Hi there new to the forum-

    I wanted to start this thread because I know how hard it can be to write and close bigger proposals with better clients.

    can we discuss some tricks and strategies that you are using that help you to close more proposals?

    also ask me anything about proposals. i have 16 years of writing and closing millions of dollars of web design and marketing retainer proposals.

    I hope this thread can help people to sell bigger projects with better clients


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    Originally posted by chris5654!
    I hope this thread can help people to sell bigger projects with better clients.
    Welcome to the forum Chris. Here are links to the forum rules:


    All new forum members' posts are moderated, so don't worry if your posts don't show up immediately. A moderator, like me, will approve them soon.

    If you read through the rules, you'll see that self-promotion violates those rules. Your initial post sort of suggests that you might be intending to head down that road. We get tons of spam here, so my apologies if I'm wrong. A discussion on how to better market design services would be good.


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      I don't have a problem writing or closing proposals, I have a problem getting more people to request them! lol
      You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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        thanks EC- can you share any tips or strategies on how you close your proposals?






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          It's just what I call it when people use an expression that actually says or means the opposite of what is intended; ''could care less'' would be another prime example.
          Yesterday, 11:44 PM
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          That makes sense, I guess. Off is the inverse of on, which makes based off the inverse of based on. Got it. ...
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          Probrien, in addition to HotButton's comments, which I agree with, the ad is a bit confusing. Maybe it's lacking...
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          ''Based off'' is inverse of ''based on.'' ''Based on'' is a colloquialism.
          I think.
          I have not had enough to drink to play this game.

          o O
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          Thanks for the feedback. That all makes a lot of sense. I'll take these points and re-work things....
          Yesterday, 04:06 PM
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