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  • Proactive design. Have you donde this?

    Hi. Long story short there is a brand in my town that i love. The owner is a make up artist and she started her own make up brand. The brand image and use its a total mess. She work with a graphic designer who's work is not very good but they are from the same circle and they been working together for a while now. What I would like to do is to do the redesign of her brand and show to her what kind of awesome and structured image she could have. But i dont know if it is the right move. Has anyone done this? Could you share some experience or advise? I would like to be more extense about this subject but its hard for me to express myself in english so if it is not clear to you please let me know. Thank you!

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    I'm not a freelancer so I don't know how often this actually works, but I can't imagine the success rate is very high.

    I would recommend if you do decide to go through with this, meet with the owner in person and show her the designs on your laptop. Since you mentioned she had another designer working for her, what's stopping that designer from using your ideas if you email her a draft?

    The hardest part about being a designer (to me) is creating; not necessarily using software. You may think her designer isn't very good however they still may have the capabilities of recreating a design your design.


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      I have done this, but you have to approach it with extreme caution. Many brand owners exert strong influence over the design of their brand, and this often results in a weak identity because they aren't objective and strategic enough about it.

      BUT, because they see it as theirs, it gets held near-and-dear to their hearts. If you walk in and start explaining how it's no good, you'll risk leaving them feeling personally insulted by your assessment.

      AND, the situation you describe in which the designer and owner have a long-standing relationship can be particularly sensitive because if the owner takes offense, the designer will join in that indigence and most likely tag you as a client poacher, possibly damaging your reputation and your ability to get work in the future, especially if your market is a smaller locale where there is a lot of word-of-mouth activity.

      Even if your approach is well-received, there are still significant risks. You see their brand as a mess, but brand recognition doesn't necessarily turn on what one designer thinks is good or bad. If Nike had approached you with their famous swoosh mark back before anyone else ever saw it, would you have predicted its rise to iconic status? I probably would have said "I don't get it; I can do better." If you offer someone a redesign of their already-established image and your "better" design fails simply because the other "mess" was already widely accepted and recognized, then you will have created a mess of your own, no?

      Be confident, but more importantly, be careful.
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