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Using your own name as a freelance designer vs using a studio name

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  • Using your own name as a freelance designer vs using a studio name

    Hello to the good burrito loving people of GDF!

    I've recently been freelancing and have 1 good client who keeps me quite busy. However, I'm not really comfortable having all my eggs in one basket, and in anticipation of the day when this client does not have any work for me, I want to start a website, advertise my services, and ultimately gain more clients. Makes sense right? sort of..?

    I'm just hoping to get people's views on the pros and cons of using your own name i.e Joe Bloggs VS coming up with a studio name and marketing yourself that way, please?

    Cheers, Glitch.

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    I went with a studio name rather than my personal name. I figured some day I will want to retire and it might be easier to sell a business with its own name, rather than my name. I might be an easier transition if I wasn't synonymous with the business.


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      Great question!

      Even tho the choice to hire freelancers have become a lot more popular these days, I personally feel, we are still treated like second class citizens in comparison to studios. Clients will take you less seriously than if you were a company. It sucks but itís a fact.

      On the flip side... hiring a studio sounds more expensive, and let's face it, most companies choose to hire freelancers so they can to avoid paying pricey "agency fees".

      Iíve been freelancing for 15 years. Most of those years I have been using just my name (and itís been fine) but about 3 years ago I changed my business to a studio name. Since then, I also started to collaborate with other freelancer under my company name banner and it has allowed me to go after larger clients with larger budgets. Iím doing less jobs per year but ultimately more money at the end of the day.


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        Thanks for the replies guys!

        Some good points, worth considering.






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