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  • Logo redraws?

    I work as a production artist and we offer a redraw service for clients who aren't able to access or provide a vector format of their logo. Since we are not a design firm and mainly production, this is a last resort and more of an additional service in rare cases, and if they absolutely have no access and have rights to the logo, we redraw and also offer to charge to keep working files for future use. Is it a good idea to have clients sign something confirming they have the rights and that we have permission to redraw?

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    If redrawing is part of the job you need to do, then it should be in your contract/estimate that you are doing the redraw. Which I'm assuming your client agrees to in some way?

    As for having the rights, why do you doubt them? You can add a clause to your contract/estimate that it is assumed all client supplied assets legally belong to the client (in some way or other) or something to that effect.

    As for charging to keep the files for future use without handing them off? I'd give the files to the client while hanging onto them in archive. I don't hold logos hostage. But I might charge if I have to dig too deep into the archive. We only hold files for a year in local storage. Backup storage can take some time.


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      Yes, that makes sense. I'm not sure why I second guessed myself, but wanted to make sure that was a legit process.

      And yes, poor wording on my part, we charge them additional if they would like us to send working copies for them to keep for good.

      Thank you!


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