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Influencing a culture of 'good design' in a 3rd world country

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  • Influencing a culture of 'good design' in a 3rd world country

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a graphic designer based in a third world country in the Caribbean. I always had an avid interest in graphic design while I was younger, although where I lived didn't often have the best examples of good design. Going to university in a different country opened my eyes to better design and I worked to holding the quality of my art and designs to a higher standard. Now that I am back home I want to translate this knowledge in my home country and help to improve the standard of design here. But the people of my country do not see the need for proper design, they would rather use clip art from MS Word or an image from the internet as a logo. I've also heard complaints from other designers here that clients are not open to suggestions for their designs and want to skimp on paying their designer. This results in designs looking like a mess and the graphic designer with ambitions of changing things becomes underutilized.

    I've boiled it down to the fact that there isn't a 'culture of good design' in my country. While having great designs might be commonplace in most of your societies, great designs in my country stand out like a sore thumb. As a Caribbean Island, one of our main modes of income is Tourism, and I believe that graphic designers and artists are instrumental in developing a country's visual aesthetic in that regard. I may come off as a bit too critical, but I love my country, and I think it can be more beautiful with my help and the help of all the wonderful designers and artists here.

    So my question is, in what ways can I influence a culture of good design in a 3rd world country that doesn't think it's necessary?

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