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Non-legal way to protect my logo

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  • Non-legal way to protect my logo

    Hi all!

    Currently I am working on an iPhone photo editing app that (among other functions) inserts my logo into the right upper corner. The logo itself is more like a watermark with a meaning behind, similar to the "fair trade" logo on coffee products etc. I am searching for a solution to prevent others using my logo, i.e. especially copied apps made in other countries (trademark laws etc.). As I personally do not believe there is an easy and cheap "legal" way I could prevent somebody from another country to use my watermark, I thought there must be other solutions.

    I thought one solution might be some mixture between a second, hidden, digital watermark in combination with a unique identifier that could be found on a server or homepage. So that at least one could look up and find that this particular picture containing allegedly "my logo" actually is a fake one, as the unique identifier could not be found on the server/homepage...

    There must be an easier solution, could anybody help me here? Maybe anything with the fancy block chain technology?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hi Design_n0wb and welcome to GDF.

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      < Not a lawyer.
      Are you located in the US or elsewhere?

      Stealers are gonna steal. A software key isn't going to slow them up. Especially if they just trace your logo and use it without the key.

      Barring any third party software keys, about the only way I know to protect your logo is to trademark it and file any infringement problems either through the DMCA or WIPO, depending on where you are.
      If you don't want to pay the cost, important is that logo to your business again?


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        I'm located in Vienna/Austria and plan to use the app in the US, Western Europe, China and Russia. That's the thing. Trademarks etc won't help me there I believe.

        I do believe that if users could check if a logo is fake they would not use the fake one due to reputation loss (similar: I would not but fake fair-trade stuff when I know it's fake). So how could I check for fakeness?

        THanks again


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          Well, I suppose you could use steganography to embed hidden encrypted data in your file, but I doubt that information would survive a resampling or lossy compression. We're living in a digital age where digital information is always vulnerable to theft, and that unfortunate fact needs to be factored into the business model.






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