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T-Shirt Design to Logo Fiasco

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  • T-Shirt Design to Logo Fiasco

    So my graphic design team was asked by a church to create a t-shirt design for them. After the design was completed, they paid the correct amount for the design work and the t-shirts, and they were on their way. A couple days pass, and the client calls us. He asks us for the PDF version of the t-shirt design so he can use it as a logo for his ministry. Originally, we would have sold this logo, but seeing as we have already completed the work, we are unsure on how to price it now. Suggestions?
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    If it were me, I'd refer back to the contract to determine exactly what deliverables were purchased. Depending on my relationship with the client, I'd either try to renegotiate a fee for the extra deliverables or just give it to them.


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      Unfortunately, we had no contract. We are a small team, this may be our wake up call to start using contracts. The unspoken contract was a design to be used as the youth ministries' t-shirt, nothing more.


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        Contracts are a nuisance, but they provide an agreed-upon understanding to refer to when misunderstandings arise. They also provide legal protection for both parties in case something goes wrong.

        In this particular case, since there's not really a legal dispute, it comes down to a misunderstanding on the value of your work. Your client likely sees it as a trivial favor that's being asked since the work's already largely done. You, of course, are seeing it as being asked for free stuff.

        A contract might have made asking for more money a bit easier since it would have listed the t-shirt design as the sole deliverable, along with spelling out whatever usage rights the client purchased. Since you don't have that written out in a signed document, you probably just need to make a decision on whether or not you want to give your work away or negotiate a fee to cover the request.

        If it were me, I'd probably just hand over the PDF with a minimal preparation fee if I didn't want to jeopardize the relationship. However, if this were a one-time client in which I had little personal investment, I'd likely insist on a more substantial additional fee.


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