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Recommended Books for the Business of Design

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    Designing for the Web is one that I just came across that you can read for free on the web. It's about web design specifically, but it covers all aspects of being a web designer, including the business side. You can read it for free online here:

    Designing for the Web


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      Not really a graphic design book but more of a inspirational book for creatives.

      Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky


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        thanks so much guy... I've got the creative thing in spades, everyone loves my designs, but I can't manage myself out of a paperbag when it comes to business. Therefore remain borderline broke. Got some learning to do and books to buy.


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          "Business Secrets For Designers"- FANTASTIC!!!!!

          I read it and learned A LOT!


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            I also use YouTube

            Books aren't the only way to learn about Graphic Design. I use YouTube a lot mainly because I can see what's happening and I am able to practice while the video is playing.

            Thank you for the list of book to read. I will certainly make use of the list. Much appreciated


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                The Win Without Pitching Manifesto has given me a lot of ideas. Can be read online for free.


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                  Yep, all are good and finest but still to select the better option, one has to spend quality time in choosing the better business design.


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                  know your onions graphic design is really good by Drew de Soto I'm reading this book at the moment informative and engaging!






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