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    Hello. I am new to the forum, so hello to everyone! I have a question for whomever has experience. I am fresh out of college and I am already doing some free lance work. I have a client who wants me to design two logos for him and I have no idea where to start as far as what I charge him and where the legality details fall into place. I saw another post that has a .pdf of a contract, so I thought I would look at that. So, what should I charge for the logo and when should he sign a contract?

    - Clueless!

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    Welcome to the forum pridom3.

    Unfortunately we cannot discuss pricing on the forum, not to mention that prices differ greatly from designer to designer due to regional differences aside from experience level. Please check out this post within our Frequently Discussed Topics thread. There are some links there that will help you come up with your own pricing structure.

    Hope that helps.
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      Oops! Sorry. But thanks for the info.


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        No problem!
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