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Copyrights in blog posts?

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  • Copyrights in blog posts?

    I'm curious about whether or not my blog infringes on copyrights or anything of that nature. I want to start posting more blogs like this...

    I basically took a snapshot of an advertisement and critiqued it.

    Any ideas?
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    That's a question best answered by a lawyer. Not sure if it would fall under "fair use" or another exception to copyright laws.


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      Thanks for the advice. I'll unpublish it for now just to be safe.
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        I feel people are fairly lenient about this online. If it's an online ad, link to the company who's advertising. People might be less friendly about a critique, but as far as I know you'll get either a request or a cease and desist before anyone attempts any legal action.

        If it were me you were critiquing, I'd be happy for the free publicity.
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          That's what I figured, but I basically call them out on false advertising.

          Here's the ad, you can imagine why I call them out on false advertising:
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            Lol. "Simulated imagery. Results not typical."



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              Argue "editorial content." You are writing an article. You can do that just like you'd be able to do it in a newspaper op-ed.
              But I'm no lawyer...






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