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  • Should I charge a deposit?

    I'm just getting started out on my own and unfortunately my first customer fell off the map after receiving their product (which they used) and has yet to pay. I'm meeting with a client tomorrow to go over a fairly large new order. Should I charge a percentage up front, and if so how much?


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    Welcome rlmercer! We ask all new members to have a read through these important threads with our rules and FAQs and such.

    Just remember that we cannot directly discuss pricing on the forum. Percentages are fine, just not actual dollar amounts.
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      Depending on the size of the invoice, and whether you have to pay COD for printing...

      50% upfront, 50% on delivery or if your suppliers require COD you could figure out what you need to cover your costs and request that upfront and the rest upon completion.
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        We do thirds. One third to start, second third on delivery of all required information from the client and/or presentation of final proofs, and one third on delivery of final product. On some projects, long ones, monthly payments are requested covering work to date.


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          We charge 50% of the design bid as a deposit. If there are printing or any subcontract costs involved we add them to the deposit. When the job is complete, the balance due is all profit including any add on requests the client may have made along the way. If there are any collection issues at the end our hard costs are covered and there are no issues with our subs or vendors.


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            yes! 33.3% 33.3% 33.3%
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              I actually don't. Well, I mostly don't.

              I only charge a deposit for new clients with project budgets under a certain $ amount. (New clients remain 'new' for several projects.)
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                I have found that in these economic times, that asking for a deposit is very common. Depending on the size ($$) and duration of the project I have asked for anywhere from 25% to 50% up front. In my proposal I have a paragraph titled "Retainer" and use a phrase something to the effect of... So that both parties are committed and invested in this project, (name of your firm here) is asking for a retainer of $$.$$.

                I have found this works very well, I also show them that information and talk about it in a very positive way. Almost everyone aggress and cut that check with in a day or so.


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                  Always take a deposit, even if you feel confident that the business isn't going to "screw" you by not paying. There's always the possibility that they will start getting proposals from other designers. BNut paying the deposit you get their full commitment, they work with you and only you.

                  I used to liase with a guy who did SEO work, he had problems where by he used to build links for clients websites and optimise their websites. Well he used to do all the hard work, but the search engines didn't respond immediately, there's a delayed affect of about 2 months on SEO. Clients would get impatient and think the SEO guy is yanking when they didn't see immediate results and think SEO guy is yanking their chain and then jump ship. Recently, he's tied them into 6 month contracts with 2 months payment upfront. So the client actually sees through with the work.

                  You need the guarantee that the client isn't going to reneg on their promises mostly.


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