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out-of-gamut colors - CYMK

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  • out-of-gamut colors - CYMK


    Hows best toovercome this prob if printing in CYMK? I know photoshop gives the equivalent color but for outdoor logos (posters) its no good as the color degrades too much.

    I've got logos with RGB cyan (0,255,255), CYMK 52!,0!,13!,0! and orange of RGB 255,101,0 / CYMK 0!,75!,100!,0!.

    Would conversion be an option and check with the printer there compatible?


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    sorry, should of posted in Printing and Prepress


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      How are you getting these posters printed.


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        Hello PrintDriver, not yet decided but either litho or digital.


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          Out-of-gamut means different things in litho than in digital.
          There may be a match in digital.
          The printer may have to apply corrected colors to your file though for an extra charge. Or you find a printer that has an excellent color management system up and running (few and far between still).
          Do you have PMS Solid Coated or Process swatch color numbers for those CMYK equivalents (Usually logos have specified PMS numbers)?
          If you have swatch colors, ask your printer if he can match them. In CMYK digital (inkjet) the cyan shouldn't be a prob. The orange depends on how close to flourescent that color is. Lambda/lightjet type digital could be a problem - or not. Can't tell without a swatch number.
          Best thing is to ask the printer.






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