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    Hey all. I'm looking for a resource that will provide a template for a shoebox. Just to provide more of a description: Sometimes there are t-shirt templates that you can place your design into, usually illustrator or p.s. files. I'm looking for something like that but for a shoebox. I have a design project coming up that I'm thinking about communicating an idea by imagery on the shoebox. Let me know if you have any links/resources or any ideas.

    Thanks. B.

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    Don't know of any place you could find it.

    Personally, I'd just measure a shoebox, and make my own template. (Just keep in mind, you need to take into account the fold measurement with heavier paper stock)

    Easiest way to get it perfect, carefully dissassymble the shoebox, and measure it flat. Or trace it flat and scan it in.
    I'll double check your spelling if you'll double check mine. Two heads are better than one.






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