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Papyrus is the new Comic Sans

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  • Papyrus is the new Comic Sans

    that is all.

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    Wow, deja-vu. Have you been trapped in a worm-hole Chim?
    Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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      no wait I mean Copperplate Gothic Bold.


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        Nothing can replace Comic Sans as the worst font. But here are few that I feel come close...some just bad others over used.

        Trajan Pro
        Bank Gothic
        Brush Script
        Curlz MT
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          Originally posted by REYNOLDScreativ View Post
          Nothing can replace Comic Sans as the worst font. But here are few that I feel come close...some just bad others over used.

          Trajan Pro
          Bank Gothic
          Brush Script
          Curlz MT


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            Originally posted by Chim Richalds View Post



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              I don't know if you can call any of them "the worst font", I think that any of them are more abused and improperly used. The make up of the typefaces themselves aren't necessarily horrible, it's the context we often find them in.
              Design is not decoration.


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                I can almost guarantee that most designers "hate" comic sans because they hear other designers say they hate comic sans.

              • MD
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                ^^ LIKE ^^

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              I agree with Keming, the typefaces aren't necessarily bad, it's just that some of them are overused and used in the wrong way to the point where we associate them with bad design.

              Comic Sans, for example, is anything but a great font, but it has its place. It's just that its place isn't in all the places where we always see it. On any free font site there are hundreds of typeface designs that are inherently worse than Comic Sans. Fortunately, we just don't have to look at them every day.

              For what it's worth, I rarely use Copperplate Gothic or Bank Gothic, but I think they're well-designed and in some situations they work very well. I'll admit to a visceral dislike of Hobo, however.


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                My dislike for the above typefaces is mainly because of their misuse, abuse and overuse.

                There are much better comic fonts than Comic Sans...but for some reason Comic Sans is always used (mainly by 1st Grade Teachers)

                Trajan is lacking lowercase letters, It has no use other than All-Caps Titles. You can't use it for a variety of projects. If lowercase letters were added I would probably feel differently about the font.

                Copperplate's serifs are thin and irrationally placed, they cause some letterforms to appear off the baseline (Look at the E). It's really distracting.

                Bank Gothic by GroupType is actually a pretty good font (I like the lowercase forms). The versions of Bank Gothic by Paratype and Bitstream lack lowercase letters and the typefaces are too wide which can make them difficult to work with.

                Brush Script is just wrong on all levels. It's difficult to find a good script font, and this one doesn't help. Every little league baseball team uses this typeface.

                Hobo: I have no idea what these guys were thinking when they made this font. It doesn't work well in Title, Sub-title, or paragraph.

                Curlz MT is every 8 year old girls favorite typeface. It doesn't work well in print with those crazy thin serifs, the letterforms are wavy and there is no clear baseline.
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                  Remember this?


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                    2009's Avatar is old news. I think that old list of overused fonts was followed up with a big obsession with Bleeding Cowboys. Then came Lobster. What is next?

                    Buda's predictions for the overused font list:
                    • Bebas
                    • Franchise
                    • Homestead
                    • Hominis
                    • Langdon (lowercase)
                    • Ostrich Sans (bold)
                    • Ribbon
                    • Seaside Resort
                    Why? Because I'm using them now.

                    Buda of the future.
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                      I have been seeing lobster EVERYWHERE in the past 12 months… The sad part is it's a nice font. I've started to see "the sans" and "the serif" a lot in the last few months so those might be next on the chopping block, surprisingly.


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                        bebas has been overused for a long time now...

                        i also am using langdon and franchise, great typefaces....


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                          Let's not forget
                          Bleeding Cowboys...

                          I already hate TheSans and TheSerif because there are too many permutations and most likely we don't have the latest and greatest subset of either of them. The other ones that kill me are the Caslon Old faces. More often than not, on some of those the punctuation and glyphs drop out in the rip (there are bad font outlines out there.)

                          But I don't hate fonts due to overuse. If a font is appropriate for the use it is used for, then it isn't being overused. TheSans and TheSerif happen to be great body-copy type faces.
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                            If the humble Junior Designer may offer two cents: I feel that A). These poor fonts are guilty of often being the "default" package of fonts in a world where people simply do not value paying for an expertly crafted font. So the end-result is that ma' and pa' shops will use these over and over again- because they are there and they can. One of my past workplaces refused to buy fonts, so I had to use whatever Word had available to me (unless I was lucky to find a decent free font that wouldn't charge a "Business" for use). I also feel B). a little validated that I see a lot of these would-be retro fonts (things that remind me of Norman Rockwell days, you know) are trending. I remember telling my journalism/photographer friend in September 07' that I thought the retro fonts were going to be a new trend. This trend came later than predicted, but I feel that means I'm really getting my head into the game. Also... Bleeding Cowboy: It feels like someone took the Twilight font (whether good or bad) and tried to make it grungy and noir...






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