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Adobe DPS / Quark / ePub / ISSUU or some other digital output...

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  • Adobe DPS / Quark / ePub / ISSUU or some other digital output...

    Hi - I have been asked to research different options for outputting digital brochures and smaller publications but am trying to find info on all the options and costs - its such a minefield!
    I have access to Adobe CC and Quark 2015, what are other people using? Has anyone got any advice?

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    Hi Nick and welcome to GDF.

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      Adobe CC.
      I haven't seen a Quark file in years. And I'm a printer (wide format, for which Quark is NOT well-suited)

      Have you talked to the printers who are going to be outputting your stuff?
      Or is it ALL going to be online published? (ie no printing)

      I ask because what starts out as simply 100% online has a habit of turning analog, eventually, in some capacity.


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        You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who still uses Quark. It was once a great program, but lack of support and ever increasing bugginess has made it obsolete.

        I would stick with InDesign if it's going to be printed.

        You can make a PDF from either and probably be okay as well.


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          I am not really too concerned about the print element. We use Quark for legacy files and Indesign for most things now. I am more interested in the digital publishing side - so Adobe uses Adobe Experience Manager - Quark uses App Studio.. there are various costs involved (not even that is clear!) I have spent all day trying to test both on an iPad and it is not the easiest thing in the world. I am an experienced print designer (20+ yrs) just looking for a solution for digital outputs... maybe there is another option such as Issuu or just ePub files.
          PDF is not favourite, we don't want a website full of pdf's to download, but rather a digital output which refers to content on the web.
          I have read Quark and app studio is actually pretty good with html5 export..


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            Originally posted by nick0013 View Post
            I have spent all day trying to test both on an iPad and it is not the easiest thing in the world.
            Ahah. If the objective includes deployment to the ever-maddening iPad platform, don't waste time with anything that doesn't output HTML5. If your print layouts going forward will be InDesign-native, look into the In5 plugin. Animate CC could be useful as well.

            You can go the Quark route if it looks good to you, but there is a lot more help and augmentation available for Adobe CC.
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              I haven't come across anything that does a good translation to web. If you want to keep people on your website, you are probably better off using a CMS and applying the articles and images to a template.
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                Hi Nick,

                not sure if after over one year this is still relevant…

                Here's an example of a magazine created with QuarkXPress 2016 and exported as HTML5 Publication:

                As far as I can see they have not used any interactivity, such as animations or slideshows which of course they could have added.

                Maybe that's helpful?

                And with QuarkXPress 2017 they could made the HTML5 Publication responsive. And use the same content and export it as iOS Single App (for free). Or make a Kiosk app out of it (via App Studio, with additional cost).

                Let me know if I can still help.



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                  Just a little note here that mguenther works for Quark.

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                PrintDriver Yes, and that's also listed in my profile.







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