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  • Fastest 2D animation workflow

    I would like to create some 2D animations as an amateur side project, which will include vector and raster art, audio (voice, music and sounds), and lip syncing.

    I'm not a professional graphics artist, I do know how to use some graphics software to some extent, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp and others.

    I would like to produce the animations in the shortest time possible because I have other things to do, so I would like to know what workflow would be the fastest and what software should I use.
    I would prefer to use free and open source software if possible.

    I already looked into Synfig and OpenToonz and some other tools, but there is no easy to setup lip syncing on them, maybe I could use another software for this.

    I think it would be faster to use a bone/skeletal animation method to rig and animate the characters. Drawing frame by frame would take too long.

    I also think that I could grab images on the internet and use them instead of drawing everything, I know that some images may have a copyright that won't allow me to use them.

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    Hi muzo and welcome to GDF.

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    I don't have any experience in animation, but if you don't have any drawing skills, you might be able to purchase stock images to use. If you buy vector images, that may help the animation process if the objects have ben individually created. You cannot just take images off the internet to use in your animations.

    Not sure if this is for a business or for fun but if you are on a tight deadline, you might consider hiring a 2D animator for this one?

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      Anyone who has 'better things to do' can either waste time trying to figure this out or they can hire someone else to do the work while they do those other 'better things to do.' If those other things involve making money, think of all the money you will waste trying to do something, slowly, that you don't know how to do.

      If this is for just for fun, what you described isn't exactly a beginner's project, certainly not one you will do quickly while learning from near ground up.
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        Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
        Everyone today wants an Easy Button.
        Yes, I'll have 2 wrapped to go with extra fast and free on the side, please.
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          The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams


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            I know tons of programs but the easiest way is pencil, paper, ink, and you use the computer to complete the work and add sound.

            With computer the only thing good is the vector art from within flash itself ( in terms of speed ) but you could do that with pencil and ink as well.


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              I don't know of any free tools, especially one that does bone/skeletal animation. Why would someone invest that much time in developing a complex animation software only to make it free?


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                Originally posted by designzombie View Post
                I don't know of any free tools, especially one that does bone/skeletal animation. Why would someone invest that much time in developing a complex animation software only to make it free?
                Actually there's a lot of free software available, I listed two already (Synfig and OpenToonz) those two are free and open source software and they both provide skeletal animation.

                I can create lip sync using another free software called Papagayo.

                I think that maybe creating an motion comic would be much faster because most elements are static and only some animations exist.


                • designzombie
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                  I've always used purchased software to animate; so I've never had any reason to look into what's available for free. Thanks for the info.

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                Hi guys, want to advise u some sound effects for ur animation project






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