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  • Usage Licensing


    ​I find myself in the position of discussing my Usage Licensing for some Illustrations that I already have drawn.

    ​For example, for 1000-2500 Prints of my work, my Usage Fee is $$. For 2500-5000 Prints, it would be $$$. They are asking if they start with the smaller amount, and then in the future wish to run more prints, can the amount paid for the first run be applied to the second? So it would be $$$-$$=$

    ​Is that how a usage fee would work? Or do I say it would actually be $$+$$$=$$$$$?

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    Some places will give me a discount on an additional usage for one image. But that is usually adding web use to print use. Not quantity runs.

    If they fullfill the first 2500 prints, why wouldn't they have to buy a license for an additional 2500 prints for the cost of a 2500 print license?
    The object of a quantity discount is for them to buy the quantity, not hedge and buy the balance later.

    For instance:
    You can't go into a department store having a sale ''Buy 5 for $10 and save $5-Must Buy 5'', buy 3 at regular price for $9 then go in the next day and ask for 2 for $1 because you already paid $9.
    Doesn't work that way.

    Up to you though.
    And what your usage contract states.
    It can even hinge on how good of a customer your customer is, if you are the one writing the usage contract and not a stock site.


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      Thanks PrintDriver! I appreciate it the advice :-)






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